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Date : June 20, 2024
meat cleaver

TSA to BWI passengers: Please leave your meat cleavers at home

Want to get through airport faster? Then know before you go and leave the meat cleaver at home. Or keep it in your checked baggage.

That’s what Transportation Security Administration officials are asking of BWI Marshall International Airport travelers.

The TSA at the Maryland airport said that staff are coming across an “abundance of prohibited items” that travelers are bringing to the security checkpoints, and it’s leading to delays getting to their gates.

meat cleaver
A cleaver that a traveler brought to a TSA checkpoint at BWI Marshall Airport recently.

“Our TSA officers are seeing a lot of knives, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons and large tools, which can be used as bludgeoning instruments,” said Christopher Murgia, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Maryland.

The most common prohibited items TSA has been seeing are knives and tools larger than 7 inches, as well as Boy Scout knives, fishing knives, butter knives, keychain knives, Swiss Army knives and even machetes.

“These items should be packed in checked bags to be transported on a flight,” Murgia said.

multi tool
A multi-tool with a hatchet at the end that was brought to the airport.

With people back to taking airplane trips again after the pandemic, perhaps they are somewhat “rusty” in remembering what they can or cannot take in their carry-on bags, the TSA said.

There are several ways to check if you can stick something in your carry-on. There’s the myTSA app, which lets you check if the item should be checked in. You can also check the TSA website, or you can message the TSA on Facebook or Twitter.

“Travelers play an important role in ensuring a smooth and efficient security checkpoint screening experience,” Murgia said.


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