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Date : May 24, 2024
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What Does a Capricorn Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Earth Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

What Does a Capricorn Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Earth Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, that person looks like a Capricorn”? Has it ever crossed your mind why someone may “look” or act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by explaining what a Capricorn looks like!

Astrology is a great tool to understand the way that people will look, act, dress and decorate their living spaces depending on their sign. When someone has dominant Capricorn placements—especially personal planets such as their sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars or Venus—they tend to embody their planetary ruler: Saturn the planet of rules, karma and structure. They are naturally rigid and enjoy following rules in terms of their beauty routines, fashion sense and home decor.

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, is naturally associated with the tenth house of career, public image, ambition and achievements. They are go-getters and they finish everything they start (inside and outside of the bedroom)! They are determined folks, and like Capricorn Tyrese Gibson stated in his song “Signs of Love Makin’”, “Are you the Zodiac freak? I’m a Capricorn, I came here to get mannish”. When it comes to Capricorns, they will leave no stone unturned with the way they present themselves. They want it to be known that they are well-kept and that they know what they’re doing… read on below to understand why!

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The Physical Appearances of Capricorn

Being ruled by Saturn—the planet of structure and discipline—brings Capricorn people a different kind of appearance than any other member of the zodiac. Like their symbolic sea goats, these folks usually have naturally slender bodies and facial features. They have narrow and serious expressions—sometimes better known as “resting bitch face”—with large eyes as well as prominent cheek and brow bones. When we look at some famous Capricorns we can see these traits aligning in their facial structures; think Timothée Chalamet, Finn Wolfhard, John Legend and Gayle King (all born within Capricorn’s December 21-January 20 date range). These folks are naturally-born wordsmiths, intellectuals and strong-willed and you can see their drive in their eyes. Did you know LeBron James is a Capricorn, too? 

Because Capricorn’s are said to rule over the knees and legs in traditional astrology, these folks have quite the stems on them! Whether their legs are long, lean, curvaceous or simply strong—they are undeniably known for having. Think of singer Ellie Goulding who was even nominated for sexiest legs in Hollywood! These sea goats enjoy physical exercise as much as the rest of us, but for different reasons. They are so focused on self improvement and prioritization that you would be hard-pressed to find a Cap who wasn’t an athlete at some point in their life.

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When we think about Capricorns, they may not stand out in the same way that a Leo or a Libra would. But Capricorns are the masters of quiet beauty, elegance, and confidence. They know that they do not need to try to capture everyone’s attention, just the attention of those who matter (or have power). They tend to have captivating eyes—and long, fluttery eyelashes—that are always set on the prize.

Regina King

Because Capricorn is the sister sign—or opposite sign on the zodiac wheel—to Cancer, they will still have some moon-ish features as well. If they are the slender-faced breed of Cap, it will be their eyes. Otherwise, you might see them as quite rotund in the face with jovial and full cheeks just like a typical Cancer would! Think Betty White or Martin Luther King Jr, two late—and monumental—Capricorns with round shaped faces.

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Because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, they typically tend to age well and keep a youthful appearance late into their lives. Think of Saturn’s energy as a source of delayed gratification, even in the beauty department! Some famous and well-aged Capricorns include Bradley Cooper, LL Cool J, Regina King and Sade. These folks have not only gotten better over time in terms of looks, but their career, vernacular, and wisdom have also expanded as time goes on. It’s only up from here for Capricorn placements! 

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The Fashion Sense of Capricorn

Because they are ambitious and goal-oriented, they’re always dressed for the job they want, not the job they have. That basically means every Capricorn has impeccable taste from a young age (think of Miss Blue Ivy Carter). They are no stranger to suit culture, regardless of gender, think about Diane Keaton who has been rocking a very chic and androgynous Capricorn-like attire since her Annie Hall days back in the 70’s. And although you’re not going to catch every Capricorn in suit pieces, or every person in suit pieces as a Capricorn—they do enjoy being dressed up and dressed well. You’ll never catch a Capricorn unfamiliar with the brand of their clothing or mismatching patterns.

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Prim, proper, and well-tailored would be just a few more descriptive words of Capricorn style. Think Kate Middleton, famous Capricorn, who even before her royal status was fond of wearing preppy, professional, and prudent pieces. As earth signs, Capricorns are concerned with material things more than most. They are careful to invest in timeless pieces that can withstand ever-changing trends and 

Some Capricorn-approved staples would be:

  • Well-polished dress shoes
  • Button downs, oxfords
  • Tailored pants
  • Twee style pieces (think Zooey Deschanel, who’s sun, moon AND rising are all in Capricorn)
  • Dainty jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Monochromatic & high-end sweatsuits
  • Designer bags in black, white or dark browns
  • Turtlenecks
  • Double-breasted coats
  • Stylish sunglasses (to hide their judgmental glares)
  • Sophisticated vintage finds (they are earth signs still, after all)
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Wherever you find a Capricorn in their pursuit, you can expect them to look and dress to the nines. If you want to know what type of clothing is still going to be fashionable a few decades from now, look at the wardrobe of your Capricorn friend! They bring a level of sophistication and class that they were born with into every interaction and outfit they adorn. Be sure to compliment them on their well thought out attire, it takes time and patience to be as well-curated as a Capricorn!

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