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Date : July 16, 2024
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Watch: 294 Metre Cruise Ship Does 3 Point Turn In Sydney Harbour

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A huge cruise ship has been spotted doing a 3 point turn in Sydney harbour, inspiring social media users to comment on how much the world has changed in the last 70 years.

If the thought of holding up traffic do do a 3 point turn on a busy Saturday morning fills you with foreboding, look away now. Why? A cruise ship, Queen Elizabeth, was recently sprung doing a sneaky (or as it turns out, incredibly obvious) 3 point turn in Sydney harbour.

Footage of the maneuver, posted to Twitter by James Whelan, shows the cruise ship clumsily turning around at the end of a beautiful summer’s day.

WATCH: Cruise ship does 3 point turn in Sydney harbour

Whelan said: “Last night I watched the Queen Elizabeth do a three point turn in Sydney Harbour. Best harbour in the world.”

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Another Twitter user wrote: “I went past her on the ferry last night – bit bigger than the ships my Dad used to Captain that’s for sure.” He then added: “It’s amazing 90,000 tonnes – Titanic was about 45,000 tonnes and a similar size to a ship my Dad Captain’d in WW2 as a young 20 something in the Merchant Navy running supply from New York to Southampton – oh my how the [world] has changed over 70 years.”

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Queen Elizabeth was built in 2010, has 154 inside cabins, 892 outside cabins, fits 2,081 passengers, has 12 decks, 1,005 crew, 3 pools, a spa and a casino.

What it doesn’t have, is a tight turning circle.

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