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Date : June 18, 2024
saudi tv mock joe kamala 01

[VIDEO] FYI: Saudi State TV NEVER Mocked President Trump, Only Biden and Kamala

saudi tv mock joe kamala 01

In case you’re wondering what the world thinks of Joe and Kamala, I can give you an idea, and it ain’t pretty.


You may have seen this clip from Saudi State TV, mocking Joe’s senility and portraying Kamala like a hulking nursemaid.

But this is actually a very rare move by the Saudis, and they never did this to President Trump.

Yahoo News reported that The Saudi state-funded TV network MBC aired a rare sketch mocking Biden as forgetful and senile.

The Biden character confused Africa with Spain, forgot Putin’s name, and fell asleep during a speech.

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US-Saudi relations are currently poor, with MBS reportedly ignoring Biden’s recent phone calls.

A major Saudi government-owned broadcaster aired a sketch mocking President Joe Biden, as US-Saudi relations plunge to a new low.

In the comedy sketch on MBC’s “Studio 22” show, which aired Monday, Biden’s character appeared sleepy and forgetful, wandering offstage before being tugged back by a likeness of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden is then seen confusing Spain and Africa, forgetting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name, and mistakenly calling Harris his “first lady.” The sketch then ends with the Harris character dragging the sleeping Biden character offstage.


The Saudi government owns a majority stake in MBC and it is rare to see the leaders of major Saudi partners, such as Biden, mocked in this way.

You can watch the video below:

But it’s not just the Saudis… it’s everyone, actually.

Just look at the way Macron speaks to Biden, like he’s a confused old granddad (which he is), and how the foreign press calls out Biden for being a senile, forgetful embarrassment (which he is)… It’s everywhere.

Because when America is weak, it’s a big deal.

And what Joe and Kamala are doing to this country, looks like one big cringeworthy skit, so you can’t blame the Saudis for calling it out.

But they’d never even think of doing this to President Trump, and that’s because they respected him.

Nobody respects Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.



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