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Date : June 18, 2024
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The importance of oral health

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Dental Planet provides mobile dentistry to schools.

Between the ages of 13 and 18, your child is entering one of the most critical periods of their lives, that of being a young adult.

This is a period when parents, the school and the Ministry of Health all come together to ensure that they are all cared for as they journey to adulthood.

Oral health is a big concern during this stage as studies have shown that they are most vulnerable when they first leave high school and either proceed to university or get their first job.

These times are when they most often have no choice on what to eat nor are able to afford to now start paying to see the dentist.

We therefore need to work even harder to ensure that they have a healthy mouth and a robust set of oral healthcare habits in their teens.

General dentistry is free for them up until they turn 18.

They are able to access this service through any of their local dental practices contracted by the (former) District Health Boards.

Another way to access this free service would be through mobile dental providers.

Dental Planet provides mobile dentistry to Howick, Botany, Elim and Edgewater Colleges and, together with its Manukau and Howick practices, your young ones’ access to quality dentistry has never been easier.

Dental Planet will be at Howick College again during the school holidays (July 11-22) so make sure you book your teens in by emailing them at mobiles@dentalplanet.co.nz or by speaking to one of their friendly staff members on 08002622022.

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