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Date : April 22, 2024
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Stylist shares four styling hacks for bigger boobs that will stop gaping forever

Jordan showing how to DIY a white shirt
Gaping on shirts is a common problem (Picture: @jordanstolch/TikTok)

Women on the higher end of the bra size scale will know some of the common irritations that come with clothes.

From gaping buttons to stubborn zips, dressing can be a minefield on the daily.

However, a personal stylist has shared a number of shirt styling hacks for women with bigger boobs.

TikTok user Jordan Stolch showed her followers four simple tricks that will make dressing for any occasion so much easier.

In the clip, the stylist focuses on the humble button-up shirt.

While it’s a simple piece in theory, it causes numerous problems for larger chests – but Jordan has four tips that will stop button gaping forever.

The first hack is to size up in a shirt and then tailor it to fit better on your body.

‘As with any other part of our body, we always want to choose clothes that fit our widest part and then alter it down to narrowest,’ she said in the video.

A tailored shirt
Get the shirt tailored to fit perfectly (Picture: @jordanstolch/TikTok)

As a second tip, she advises women to choose a shirt that comes with a hidden button.

‘This type of shirt is designed for women with a larger chest,’ she added.

Picture of the hidden button
Hidden button saviour (Picture: @jordanstolch/TikTok)

The hidden button is placed between two others and prevents gaping from happening.

Meanwhile, her third tip is a continuation of the second. If you can’t find a shirt with a hidden button, then make your own.

The hidden snap
Go DIY (Picture: @jordanstolch/TikTok)

‘You can do a DIY version,’ she explained. ‘You get a heavy-duty snap and you sew it on the inside of the placket, in between those two buttons.’

Finally, her fourth tip is a quick and easy hack. Simply make the swap from a traditional shirt to a bodysuit iteration.

‘There are so many options on the market,’ she noted.

‘Going this route means you can go bigger up top and it will naturally taper in at the bottom and the shirt won’t end up looking too big on you.’

The clip has been viewed nearly 30,000 times and users were quick to praise Jordan for her tips.

‘These videos are great references for me while I change my style up,’ wrote one follower.

‘Yes, this problem has had me avoiding button up shirts for decades. Thank for these great suggestions,’ added another.

While a third said: ‘All great ideas. The bodysuit seems like a game changer.’

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