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Date : May 20, 2024

Sierra Nevada Spain – Skiing + Snowboarding in Andalucia


How to get to Sierra Nevada ski resort?

From Granada Airport GRX to the Sierra Nevada ski resort it´s about a 45 minute drive. Currently Flights into Granada airport connect London, Madrid and Barcelona.

You can also fly into Malaga airport. AGP On arrival, take a bus (Alsa.com) to Granada or to Sierra Nevada. Alternatively, you can rent a car to drive to Granada to drive the 150 km route. (This should take around 90 minutes)

Please note that snow chains maybe required on the A-395 if heavy snowfall affects the road to access the resort.

Sierra Nevada Spain has an official website with more detailed information. Cetursa.es


Bus to Sierra Nevada Spain

From Granada bus station, there are buses that go up to the ski resort daily. Tickets cost 5 euros one way and 9 euros for a return ticket. You can book online at Alsa.com.

The bus timetable going up to the resort is

  • Monday to Friday           8am 10am and 5pm
  • Saturday                             8am 10am 3pm and 5pm
  • Sunday or Holidays        8am 10am 3pm and 5pm

The timetable from the Sierra Nevada back to Granada is below. To get the bus back the stop is opposite the large underground car park in the centre of the resort.

  • Monday to Friday:          9am 4pm and 6pm
  • Saturday:                           9am 1pm 4pm and 6pm
  • Sunday or Holidays:       9am 1pm 4pm and 6pm

Bus from Malaga to Sierra Nevada

From Malaga, bus station buses run to Sierra Nevada once per day. This service is run by Alsa Tickets cost 16 euros one way and 32 euros for a return ticket.

  • The bus leaves Malaga at 7am daily to the resort.
  • From the Ski resort back to Malaga the bus leaves Monday to Sundays at 4pm & 6.30pm
  • Check updated times at Malaga Bus Station or at Alsa.com


Ski and Snowboard Lessons in Granada

Private skiing Lessons in Sierra Nevada

Snowshoeing Activity in Sierra Nevada

Group or Family Ski Lessons in Pradollano

Private Snowboard or Ski Lessons

Sierra Nevada Daytrip + Guided Tour from Granada

Virgen de las Nieves Sierra Nevada Spain

Virgen de las Nieves – Sierra Nevada Spain

7 surprising facts about Sierra Nevada

Here are some other interesting details about this ski resort.

  • The Mulhacen peak is 3478 metres high (That´s about 11,410 ft.) and is the highest point of continental Spain.
  • There are 80 animal species and 66 plant species native to the Sierra Nevada National Park.
  • Sierra Nevada has been part of ¨La Vuelta a España¨ many times with the final stage of the race ending here.
  • At 1200 metres it has the largest difference in gradient in any resort in Spain.
  • You can enjoy Nightskiing at Pradollano Ski Resort.
  • The Super parque Sulayr has a 165 metre Half Pipe for freestylers and snowboarders.
  • It is the most Southern ski resort in Europe. Enjoy lots of sunshine while you ski in Spain!

Sierra Nevada Spain

As well as interesting facts about Sierra Nevada Spain. There are also some legends about the mountains. Here´s one of them:

The Legend of the Devils Broom

Once upon a time, there was a remote castle in the Alpujarra. A wealthy man lived there with his daughter whom he guarded as if she was a precious treasure. Upon reaching her 20th birthday, she was promised in marriage to a man in the village. He had equal riches and power as her own father. However, he was rough and cruel. He didn’t know that she was already in love with a local shepherd. When the shepherd heard of her father’s agreement, he decided to run away with her. Even though he feared the cruel man may kill them.

As night fell, the shepherd set out to meet up with his lover. Along the way to her house, a man who said he was the devil offered his help. Giving him a magic broom. He said that this broom would brush away the snow magically. He took the broom and they both fled to the Sierra Nevada Mountains up to the Pico Alcazaba. The magic broom brushed away the snow aiding their path to their hiding place. But when they had almost reached the top, the movement of the broom caused movement in the deep snow. This created a powerful avalanche and they were buried amongst the deep snow.

The broom remained there up near the top of the Pico Alcazaba. Some say that it continues to cause avalanches even today.

Sierra Nevada Spain

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