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Date : June 17, 2024
Rimowa x

Rimowa Ventures Deeper into the Web3 Space with RTFKT

Rimowa Ventures Deeper into the Web3 Space with RTFKT
Rimowa Ventures Deeper into the Web3 Space with RTFKT

Rimowa x

The appeal of the Metaverse persists and brands are slowly hopping on the bandwagon of establishing their virtual presence. Following fellow LVMH stablemates like TAG Heuer, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, German luxury luggage maker Rimowa is also making its mark in the digital world. This time, it will be collaborating with Nike-owned RTFKT to release a series of NFTs to accompany the Rimowa x RTFKT universe.

Rimowa, a brand known for its innovative approach, has once again pushed the envelope. From the use of unique materials in constructing its luxurious luggage to highly creative collaborations, Rimowa brand is at the forefront of employing forward-thinking ways to engage with its customers constantly. The culmination of this constant push for ingenuity is manifested in the 888 NFTs that Rimowa and RTFKT have co-created, which can be used to redeem a physical version of the luggage at an exclusive digital event. The Rimowa x RTFKT limited edition Original Cabin suitcase takes the shape of the former’s renowned aluminium shell but is covered with pixelated motifs, and its designs take cues “from the sense of anonymity and pseudonymity that uphold the digital realm — particularly within the metaverse and NFT space,” as per the press release.

RIMOWAxRTFKT still suitcase 02

Speaking more about the collaboration, Emelie De Vitis, Rimowa’s chief marketing officer said, “This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for two brands who excel in their fields to come together to create products that can live both in the digital and physical realm. To enter the Metaverse with RTFKT is truly exciting, as it allows us to explore what travel means there. It’s a space that takes creativity and collaboration to great heights and offers new ways to engage with different audiences.”

In the Metaverse, opportunities are aplenty, and it is really up to the brands to decide the trajectory they wish to pursue. In the case of Rimowa, incorporating the Metaverse is a timely move to build a new customer base for the brand. Making up the bulk of this burgeoning base are Gen Z spenders, and utilising a gamified world to introduce its brand is a smart move. This creates a good entry point for the younger audience to learn more about the brand and hopefully convert them into fans in the long run.

Driven with a purpose, this Metaverse project could become a turning point for brands looking to venture into the virtual world. In the past year or so, there have been many launches related to the Metaverse, but none of these has taken off. One of the reasons for this inaction is the lack of a clear goal. Instead of blindly releasing new NFTs, brands should be prudent with their approach and do their due diligence before announcing their foray into Web3. The Rimowa x RTFKT collaboration considers the nature of the target audience and customises the content accordingly. 

Players must complete a slew of challenges to mint the limited edition NFTs. And after solving them would grant players access to drops and items that will be useful in their journey of uncovering the secrets behind the hacked Rimowa x RTFKT Space Station, which they will need to reactivate to successfully mint the NFT and convert it to the exclusive physical luggage.

The collection is set to launch on 27 October 2022.

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