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Date : May 24, 2024
jesse kelly photo biden girl 01

Radio Host Jesse Kelly Gets Brutally Raw and “REAL” Over Biden’s Latest Photo With a Young Girl

jesse kelly photo biden girl 01

Joe can’t stop himself.


No matter what his Handlers may tell him, or how Jill begs him not to do it, he just can’t stop himself from invading the personal space of women, like a creepy, entitled predator.

Especially young, innocent, and vulnerable girls, who can’t do anything, except look terrified, when Joe intimately nuzzles them.

It’s one of the most inappropriate and disturbing things to see, and he keeps doing it, over and over and over again.

And his most recent photo of him nuzzling a terrified-looking little girl caught the eye of conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, and he didn’t hold back against Joe… Jesse let it fly, like never before.

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Here’s what Jesse said in his viral tweet: PRO TIP: This is not normal. Everyone knows it. This is how kiddie touchers act. I’ve been around a lot of old people. Never once seen one act this way. Never once.

Thank you, Jesse. As hard as it is to hear, it’s about time someone said this.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Look at her eyes.”

“Children do not like it when an adult other than a family member invades their space.”

“Imagine what he does when the cameras are off”

“Every single kid recoils. They know.”

“Poor girl, scarred for life.”

“The child’s reaction says even more. As a general rule – not always, but most of the time – you can judge a person’s character by how children and animals react to them. If a child or an animal responds unusually, stay the hell away.”

“ANOTHER PRO TIP: Parents don’t let your children anywhere near him.”

“Look at that baby’s eyes… she know something is wrong”

“There is something really sick and twisted about this entire family”

“This behavior is very very bad for little girls even if it’s benign (which I do not think it is). Children have to learn it’s ok to have boundaries. Nobody is teaching her that. Nobody is coming to stop him.”

“This is so creepy my skin is crawling.”

“I’ve been around a kiddie toucher and this is exactly the way they do it. Her face and body language say it all.”

“I had an uncle who was a creep like this. He’d corner me on holidays, push his body into mine, and breathe on my neck. I had that little girls same look of terror on my face” 

“Mind you, he acts like that despite being in front of cameras! I don’t even want to imagine what he does behind closed doors!a”

“Is it so hard to believe that this man took inappropriate showers with his young daughter?” 

“As a kid, about 10 yo, a male friend of my parents kept getting way too touchy with me. hugging, pulling me between his legs, etc, no respect for personal space. it went on for weeks until I finally complained to my parents. I never saw him again.”

“Where is his right hand?”

“This is disgusting. Shame on the parents for letting him do this to their children. When will a mother or father step up and call this out?”

“My mom would never let any man do that to me. The parents of these kids that just stand there pretending nothing is wrong even as the kids flinch are just something. The only adult I saw move to protect the child was Jeff Sessions with his granddaughter.”

I think it’s very telling that even though this is something that’s always bothered the American people, Joe is so controlled by his urges, that he literally can’t stop himself.


And I think his “kiddy behavior” has gotten worse as he ages and his cognitive issues take over.

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