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Date : April 24, 2024
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‘Quiet quitting’: Why are more women eager to leave jobs?

'Quiet quitting': Why are more women eager to leave jobs?

(NewsNation) — Podcast host Kim Rittberg says “the term quiet quitting is a new name for something that’s been going on for quite a while.”

Women, especially moms, are feeling burnout and believe there’s a lack of flexibility in their jobs, according to Rittberg.

“Essentially, jobs want us to be there working 24/7. And then your family needs you 24/7. But there aren’t 48 hours in the day,” Rittberg told NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Wednesday night. “And then there’s that whole ‘second shift,’ right? The double shift. Mom comes home from work, and there’s housework, and child care, and caregiving and permission slips and it’s sort of never ending.”

Rittberg added that even though dads are “doing great work,” there still is an imbalance when it comes to the amount of work that needs to get done overall.

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