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Date : July 23, 2024
bali rain

‘Not Going To Miss This’: Influencer Slams Bali Traffic

bali rain

Influencer/travel blogger Christian LeBlanc has revealed a side of Bali you don’t often see in the picture-perfect shots on Instagram. That side includes rain, grey skies and hectic traffic.

A Bali-based travel content creator and influencer has shown off a slippery side of Bali that we two-week tourists often forget about. Taking to Instagram to make a statement upon his departure from Bali to go on a trip to Egypt, LeBlanc said, in light-hearted fashion: “Goodbye Bali, not going to miss this.”

WATCH: Christian LeBlanc shows how wild Bali traffic can get

In the video, LeBlanc, looking out at traffic for days (and a rather rainy day) sarcastically says: “Bali is such a dream. Wow. Live laugh love guys. Let’s wander alright.”

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Though Le Blanc lives in Bali for much of the year, and presumably doesn’t mind this trade-off, the video does show the gamble you take when you visit Bali out of the dry season, when rates are cheaper.

LeBlanc isn’t the only one who has pointed out how wild the traffic can be. Meme merchant The Canggu Pole constantly jokes about it and DMARGE correspondent Max Langridge, when he visited, also found Bali to be quite different to the version of it he had seen on social media.

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“While I did get to see the ‘social media’ side of Bali,” Max said, “I also noticed plenty of other things that I wasn’t quite prepared for – the roads are ridiculous, riders have no fear, the beaches aren’t all pretty, there are a lot of stray dogs and… Bali belly is real.”

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