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Date : May 19, 2024

Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen need to bounce back after uncharacteristic performance

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts
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Reactions to the Eagles’ win over the Colts and more on the latest NFC East Mixtape podcast.

I think we can all agree that there was a lot of frustration and several question marks to emerge from the Eagles’ ugly comeback win against the Colts on Sunday. Jonathan Gannon usually gets the the blame but, after making necessary adjustments immediately following the Colts’ first series, the defensive coordinator and his unit were praised for contributing to the Eagles win.

After allowing Colts’ running back Jonathan Taylor to pick up 49 yards on seven carries on the first drive, the Eagles run defense was able to hold him to 35 yards on 15 carries. Rather, his week head coach Nick Sirianni and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen are under scrutiny for their questionable game management and play-calling decisions.

When recapping the Eagles Week 11 performance on the NFC East Mixtape Vol. 85 Brandon Lee Gowton explained how alarming it was to watch.

“I think this is by far and away the worst coaching performance that we’ve saw from Nick Sirianni/Shane Steichen. There were weird personnel decisions, weird play calls like their final drive of the second quarter where they go three and out on three straight run plays where the Colts have a good run defense and A.J. Brown wasn’t even on the field. Like, what are we doing?!”

The Eagles are a good team and they know what works for them so it was extremely frustrating to see them stray from what has got them to this point in the season. Against the Colts, Sirianni and Steichen failed to trust Jalen Hurts (a QB who has proven that he will put the team on his back and make big plays) and for whatever strange reason they did not utilize Miles Sanders as much as they should have.

“I will be concerned if we continue to see this poor coaching moving forward but I think for most of the year we have not seen anything like that. I just thought it was very out of character.”

Brandon is exactly right, this was out of character and if the Eagles want to continue to win and win pretty they need to resort back to their old coaching ways and make smarter play-calling decisions.

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