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Date : June 20, 2024

New footage shows NMSP agent speaking with NMSU men’s basketball player Mike Peake at hospital the day of shooting

New footage shows NMSP agent speaking with NMSU men's basketball player Mike Peake at hospital the day of shooting

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KTSM) – New body camera footage from New Mexico State Police shows the moment investigators spoke with New Mexico State men’s basketball player Mike Peake at the hospital he was recovering at after the shooting at the University of New Mexico campus on Nov. 19 that left Peake injured and University of New Mexico student Brandon Travis dead.

The NMSP agent went to Peake’s hospital room and presented him with consent forms. The NMSP agent said the consent forms would give NMSP permission to process the gun Peake used and allow them to go search through his tablet.

Peake then followed up with a question.

“What would you all be doing with the weapon? I know what you all are doing with the tablet.”

“For the weapon, we would photograph it and all weapons get sent to the lab. They do test fire and match the rounds, casings, make sure it’s the weapon that was used. Things like that.” the NMSP agent replied.

Peake then asked to call his lawyer. In the video, Peake is seen trying to get in touch with his lawyer, but his lawyer did not answer.

The NMSP agent then explained to Peake that if they could not get the consent forms signed, NMSP would have to go get search warrants.

“I don’t want no search warrants.” Peake said.

The agent then said he wasn’t trying to pressure Peake into signing the forms and reiterated that Peake could wait and talk to his lawyer.

“Are you good with it?” the NMSP agent said.

“Yeah.” Peake said.

The video shows Peaks signing the forms.

The NMSP agent said it might take a while, but Peake should get his weapon back.

“It’s my only weapon,” Peake said. “You guys will just send it to my house or will I have to come up and get it?”

Later in the conversation, Peake called his lawyer again and this time got an answer. The NMSP agent and Peake’s lawyer had a conversation which led to the agent leaving the consent forms with Peake at the hospital.

KTSM is in the process of reviewing all of the many hours of footage from the incident and will have more reports in the coming days and weeks.

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