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Date : April 24, 2024

Model shows the horrifying results of wearing the wrong bra size for years, including sagging boobs and a hunchback

Model shows the horrifying results of wearing the wrong bra size for years, including sagging boobs and a hunchback

A HEALTH-CONSCIOUS lingerie brand has created an extreme visual representation model that shows what the wrong fit of bra can do to the body after decades – and it’s horrifying.

Wearing the wrong bra size is not exactly a noticeable fashion faux-pas, but it can be an uncomfortable one that can lead to long-term health issues.

Lingerie brand Pour Moi conducted a study to demonstrate the impact of an ill-fitted bra and created this rendering of the consequences

So brand Pour Moi created the model to warn women about the detrimental side effects of wearing an incorrectly-sized bra.

According to the company, there are serious health concerns associated with ill-fitting undergarments like chaffing, back pain, and indentations.

Pour Moi conducted an eye-opening study to show the long-term health impact an incorrectly-sized bra could have on the body.

The company surveyed 1,001 British bra-wearers and consulted in-house experts Dr. Hana Patel and Andreas Anastasiou, a sports therapist with expertise in body corrective exercise, to determine the consequences of wearing the wrong-sized bra.

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With that info, the team created Melanie, a digital rendering of a woman who is really, really suffering for her bra choices.

Visible signifiers on Melanie include marks and dents on her shoulders from tight straps and hunched posture from bras that are too loose.

There’s also redness to surrounding muscles, acne spots, chaffing, stretch marks, and sagging breasts.

Unseen damages include shoulder and back pain from too-tight bras that “can lead to nerve damage in the thoracic outlet (the space between your collarbone and your first rib),” says Andreas.

Bras that are too loose can also cause internal health problems, such as hunched shoulders.

“Hunching the shoulders further narrows the costoclavicular passage by pushing the scapula forwards.”

This too, she says, can lead to nerve damage, emphasizing the importance of a bra that is not too tight or too loose.

To alleviate upper body pain from an ill-fitted bra, Dr. Hana recommends massaging the affected area to loosen soft tissue.

Additionally, she recommends people who wear bras “try physiotherapy to mobilize the thoracic spine (or using a spikey ball) to release the pec muscles and consider using a lumbar roll to support you when sitting.”

“Yoga or pilates are also great exercises to stretch and open up the chest, as well as any back strengthening exercises that specifically target the upper back which will be most affected by this,” Dr. Hana Patel adds.

Upon getting fitted for the correct size, the participants of the survey reported promising results.

“Almost a fifth of women we surveyed said they feel more attractive when they’re wearing the right size, which just goes to show that wearing the right size can do wonders for your self-esteem as well as your body’s health,” the study said.

Pour Moi experts strongly recommend that bra users get their garments sized every six months to ensure for best fit.

What are the common side effects of a badly fitted bra?

  • Rubbing or chaffing — 37%
  • Marks on shoulders — 33%
  • Indentations on shoulders — 26%
  • Marks on chest — 20%
  • Shoulder pain — 19%
  • Back pain – 18%
  • Tight shoulders — 17%
  • Skin abrasions — 13%
  • General pain — 12%
  • Cuts on chest — 10%

The study, however, found that the average British bra-wearers go nearly nine years without getting a bra properly fitted, which according to experts is “eight years and six months too long.”

Almost eight percent of those surveyed waited between 11 and 20 years to get resized, a sure indicator that their bras are not properly supporting their chests.

Not only that, but Brits admitted to wearing bras that are outdated.

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The average Brit is wearing a bra that is over four years old, while almost 10 percent of those surveyed admitted to wearing a bra that is between six and 10 years old.

“We recommend replacing your bra every nine to 12 months, and as bodies change regularly you definitely shouldn’t be wearing a bra from the previous decade,” the study said.

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Model Melanie shows the results of wearing the wrong bra size, including marks and indentations on the shoulders, acne spots, and stretch marks[/caption]

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