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Date : June 17, 2024
Ric Militi

MarketInk: San Diego’s InnoVision Marketing Group Launches Hispanic Division

MarketInk: San Diego’s InnoVision Marketing Group Launches Hispanic Division
MarketInk: San Diego’s InnoVision Marketing Group Launches Hispanic Division

Ric Milti
Ric Milti
InnoVision Marketing Group’s Ric Militi

San Diego-based InnoVision Marketing Group announced it has formed InnoVision Espanol, an in-house division that will offer digital media, traditional media, web development, design, public relations and film production services. InnoVision Espanol will serve businesses and brands wanting to reach the Hispanic community and Hispanic-oriented clients and companies, a statement said.

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InnoVision said it has previously executed Hispanic-audience campaigns for such clients as Palomar Health, Penske Automotive, Valley View Casino and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts over the past several years. “So, formalizing the division was only a matter of time,” the statement said.

“Marketing to any specific ethnic group is very different from marketing to the English-speaking population,” said Ric Militi, CEO and executive creative director, InnoVision Marketing Group. “Considerations must include accurate colloquial translation of the message, slang usage, improper insinuations, values and much more. Our Hispanic team at InnoVision are part of the Hispanic community, so the messaging is much more authentic.”

“Growing up in a Mexican-American household, I have witnessed first-hand what it’s like to not see your culture or language represented in advertising and the impact that lack of connection can have on an audience,” said Giselle Campos, senior VP, senior creative director, InnoVision Marketing Group. “It is important to me to create narratives that the Hispanic market can connect with and actually make sense based on how the message is being delivered. Serving ads to the Hispanic community that have been ran through Google Translate, have subtitles or are just replicas of the English messaging is just not enough anymore. I’m so excited to bring this authenticity to the Hispanic marketing mix.”

As reported by eMarketer, Hispanic consumers represent roughly 18.7 percent of the U.S. population, but only 6 percent of the overall industry investment is spent toward the Hispanic community, according to the Hispanic Marketing Council.

Founded in February 2012, InnoVision Marketing Group represents brands in several industry sectors, including airports, automotive, fast-casual dining, food and beverage, healthcare, soft drinks, casinos, tribal government, economic development and nonprofit.

Crowe Public Relations Adds Vizer as New Client

San Diego-based Crowe Public Relations reports it has added social wellness platform Vizer of San Diego to its healthcare and technology client roster. Crowe said it will provide media relations, leadership strategies and creative campaigns to build visibility for Vizer.

Vizer’s free app motivates users to stay healthy by converting workouts into community meals and rewards. With every workout, app users have the option to donate meals through national food banks or redeem reward points for products from partner brands.

“Vizer unites disparate parts of the wellness industry into a singular platform that empowers health and wellness, ultimately fostering a community that supports its member in feeling their best,” said Anna Crowe, Crowe PR CEO. “We are proud to work alongside brands like Vizer who are pioneering meaningful change and promoting health and wellness on both individual and community levels. We look forward to sharing Vizer’s incredible work and impact as we continue growing our healthcare and tech portfolio, focusing on organizations that are changing lives and the world as we know it.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Crowe, who shares our vision of increasing health and wellness for all members of our community,” said Sam Pantazopoulos, CEO of Vizer. “In addition to driving education and awareness, the Crowe team also utilizes Vizer as an internal workplace wellness tool to promote employee health and wellness.”

Election Ad Spending Hits $4.84 Billion So Far

AdImpact, a political tracking firm, reports that $4.84 billion in broadcast and cable television and radio advertising has been either bought or reserved so far for the midterm elections. As reported by Inside Radio, an industry trade publication, Republican candidates have spent or reserved airtime valued at $2.44 billion, while Democrats are at $2.40 billion.

The U.S. cities posting the highest dollar expenditures for political commercials include Las Vegas with a hotly contested U.S. Senate race ($64.8 million), Los Angeles with its mayoral contest ($59.2 million) and Phoenix ranking third with its gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races ($52.7 million).

The states where political ads are dominating the airwaves include Pennsylvania ($180 million), Nevada ($151 million), Arizona ($111 million) and Ohio ($91 million).

The states with the top airtime spenders in gubernatorial races include Texas ($116.30 million), Wisconsin ($77.71 million), Georgia ($65.02 million), Virginia ($73.85 million) and Nevada ($70.88 million).

The most lopsided of the big spending states is Florida, where incumbent Ron DeSantis has spent nearly $62 million, compared to Democratic challenger Charlie Crist’s roughly $8 million. AdImpact said that DeSantis has spent and reserved roughly $25 million on Spanish-language TV, meaning he has spent more on Spanish-language ads than Crist has spent in total on statewide ads in English and Spanish.

Former President Donald Trump continues to carry a lot of weight among Republican candidates. AdImpact reports the phrase “endorsed by President Donald” has been stated in political ads more than 9,000 times.

IABC Discusses COVID Communications Strategies

The International Association of Business Communicators San Diego chapter will host an online presentation over Zoom on COVID-19 pandemic communications strategies from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 10. Cost to attend the presentation is free.

Presenters will be two executives from Scripps Health, including Mike Godfrey, senior director, corporate communications, and Dave Flynn, corporate communications manger. They will discuss how crisis communications strategies assisted with the delivery of critical information about safety concerns, vaccine and testing availability, along with disinformation and conflicting information, to Scripps employees and medical staff, as well as the general public.

Rick Griffin is a San Diego-based public relations and marketing consultant. His MarketInk column appears Mondays in Times of San Diego.

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