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Date : July 16, 2024
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Majority of UK office workers want four-day week and hybrid work

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A four-day work week and hybrid options are among the top demands for the modern office worker, according to new research.

A survey conducted by business messaging software provider Slack found that 86% of UK office workers would rather work more hours in a day over a four-day work week.

A growing number of companies seeking to revamp working cultures have been exploring the viability of a shortened work week. Among them is UK fintech Atom Bank, which switched to a four-day work week without reducing salaries last year.

Dozens of other firms in the country have also been trialling the modified working calendar, with results suggesting boosts in productivity and employees reporting a better work-life balance.

Slack’s survey also found that the majority of UK office workers favour the hybrid model of work over being in an office full-time. The study found that 66% said they would look for a new job if no form of hybrid or remote work was offered.

The UK was named a leader in hybrid work by recruitment firm Hays, which found that 91% of UK tech companies offered hybrid working opportunities.

Beyond hybrid work simply being a preference, Slack’s study also found that 70% of UK office workers believed that hybrid work has eased the difficulties associated with the cost-of-living crisis, due to less money being spent on transport and food.

“The way we work has changed, and we are never going back. That’s why all businesses should be introducing and prioritising a digital HQ,” said Chris Mills, head of customer success, EMEA, Slack.

“Companies that embrace a digital HQ and create an environment where culture can thrive for all employees are best placed to retain talent and thrive in 2022 and beyond.”

Also increasing in popularity for modern staff is asynchronous work, an approach where professional communication doesn’t have to happen immediately. According to Slack’s research, 69% said that asynchronous work helped give them time to perfect their ideas and communication.

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Majority of UK office workers want four-day week and hybrid work

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