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Date : May 21, 2024

Is a Sagittarius in Love With You? How to Attract One & Signs They May Be Falling For You

Is a Sagittarius in Love With You? How to Attract One & Signs They May Be Falling For You

Falling in love with a Sagittarius is like falling in love with the energy of a music festival. Optimistic, expressive and bold, Sagittarius’s energy will surely sweep you off your feet. Consider yourself lucky if a Sagittarius is in love with you! To be loved by Sagittarius is like being caught in a recklessly romantic whirlwind of passion and spontaneity. Sagittarius is not shy or slow in love, so don’t be surprised if you attract a Sagittarius and immediately pick up on the signs that Sagittarius is falling for you!

Ruled by “The Great Benefic,” Jupiter, Sagittarius is vivacious, lively and expansive. Jupiter’s Midas touch gives Sagittarius a feeling of invincibility, allowing Sagittarius to bounce back remarkably quickly and keep moving forward. You rarely see a Sagittarius down on their luck since this Jupiter-ruled zodiac sign is undeniably optimistic. If the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”, was a zodiac sign, it would be Sagittarius! Represented as the archer or centaur, Sagittarius’s bow and arrow enhance the archer’s ability to shoot forward with surprising veracity. Since Sagittarius is a mutable, masculine fire sign, the archer is fast-paced, changeable and impulsive. Sagittarius is known to be keen on experiencing everything that life has to offer, suggesting that this fire sign has a voracious appetite. Love is no exception!

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What Does a Sagittarius Need in Love?

As the sign of the centaur, Sagittarius needs room to roam—especially in love. Sagittarius doesn’t like feeling locked down or boxed in, so Sagittarius tends to need space in love. However, in the right relationship with a mentally and emotionally healthy partner, Sagittarius will feel free in love regardless of the status or type of relationship. A fantastic way to make Sagittarius feel free in love is by going on adventures together, especially to new destinations.

Letting Sagittarius have a taste of what life is like with you will be enough for Sagittarius to keep coming back for more.

Aside from freedom, Sagittarius needs to be mentally attracted to their partner. Since Sagittarius is ruled by the professor planet, Jupiter, this implies that Sagittarius is open and forthright with sharing information. Ideally, Sagittarius would be with a partner who is educated, opinionated and not afraid of lively banter!

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How to Attract a Sagittarius

Don’t give Sagittarius the time of day if you want to attract this zodiac sign. Although this may sound like weird advice, the fire signs love to chase their love interest instead of being chased. Let Sagittarius know that you’re busy traveling, exploring new hangouts in your community, learning something new and generally speaking, having the time of your life. Sagittarius will be insanely attracted to your fun-filled lifestyle, which will trigger Sagittarius to pursue you. But the catch is letting Sagittarius go on every other adventure with you at the beginning of your relationship. Letting Sagittarius have a taste of what life is like with you will be enough for Sagittarius to keep coming back for more.

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How to Keep a Sagittarius

The only way to keep a Sagittarius interested is by making them feel like their love life is the ultimate adventure. Sagittarius is susceptible to major FOMO, so use this to your advantage. Make Sagittarius feel like life without you is dull and gray by consistently challenging Sagittarius to try new things with you. As long as your relationship with Sagittarius is explosive, expansive and ever-evolving, then you can rest assured that Sagittarius knows that love with you is the adventure of a lifetime!

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How to Know If a Sagittarius Loves You

There’s no beating around the bush with this fire sign. Sagittarius is arguably the most honest zodiac sign, so you will know if Sagittarius has feelings for you because they will own it. If asked, Sagittarius will tell you straight up if they love you or not. Given that Sagittarius is not known to be tactful, you might be surprised by Sagittarius’s directness. But at least you will know where you stand when Sagittarius tells you their true feelings about you. With that being said, avoid asking the question if you are worried about getting your feelings hurt. Plus, if Sagittarius truly loves you, then Sagittarius will likely beat you to the punch by letting you know before you even have to ask.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Sagittarius?

As a fire sign, Sagittarius tends to pair very well with Sagittarius, Aries and Leo! Sagittarius needs to feel inspired, passionate and excited, so pairing up with a fellow fire sign is the way to go. However, Sagittarius and their fiery lover will have to be mindful of one another or there could be combustion. If a fire sign doesn’t work, then Sagittarius may enjoy the company of one of the air signs. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini will provide Sagittarius with the social and mental stimulation that the Archer craves in love. But Sagittarius will eventually dislike the fickleness of the air signs, so this dynamic duo will need to figure out where they stand in love.

Although Sagittarius is usually a positive lover, the Archer may run into problems dating earth and water signs. Sagittarius may enjoy the stability that a Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo could bring into a romantic relationship. But Sagittarius needs to feel a spark, so these earthy signs might come across as boring or vanilla at times. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces could sweeten a romantic relationship with Sagittarius through empathy and intuition. Yet these water signs might be too moody or even passive-aggressive for a forthright fire sign!

Regardless, there will never be a dull moment as long as you are in love and partnered with a wildfire Sagittarius. Get ready for the ride of your lifetime!

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