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Date : April 22, 2024
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I’m plus-size & did an Amazon haul in 2X – I loved the pieces with prices from $27

A PLUS-SIZED fashion influencer shared her fall Amazon haul with affordable pieces starting at $27.

Jorden Hall, a size 18/20 or 2XL fashion influencer, shared the shopping finds with her 250k TikTok followers.

Jorden Hall shares her size 2XL fall Amazon haul with her TikTok followers
She tried on a beige plaid flannel

As in line with a fall haul, she ordered many light cover-ups and jackets.

She ordered all of the items in a 2XL.

The first item she tried on was a beige plaid flannel from the brand Lacozy ($27).

“I really like this plaid shirt just because I can throw it over, I could not button it up all the way, but it’s very wide. I don’t know if I’ll keep it, though,” she said.

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Next was a brilliant pink Prettytoday blazer with tiger-print cuffed sleeves ($37).

“It is a little tight in the sleeves, but I could button it if I would like,” she explained.

“I love the pop of cheetah on the sleeves.”

The influencer debated whether to keep the blazer due to the tightness of the sleeves and considered returning for a larger size.

Next, she tried on a half-zip, collared, flamingo-pink Evaless sweater ($40).

“Just cause we’re plus-sized does not mean we have to wear all black,” she said.

“I love a pop of color, this is a 3/4 sleeve,” she added.

Next came a Dokotoo white sweater with colorful stripes down the sides ($35).

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She tried on a bright pink blazer with cheetah-print cuffs
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She tried on a super-soft flamingo pink 3/4 zip

“Cuuuute, I love the colors, it’s honestly a little bit itchy but I feel like I can pop it in the washer and that’ll fix it,” she said.

Following that look was a cozy brown turtleneck by Lillusory ($40).

“The material is so soft… honestly it is really cute, I thought that I was going to wear this with leather leggings and some knee-highs,” she said.

After that, she wore a silky white Astylish button-up ($28) that she was able to button up fully.

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She tried on a brown turtleneck tunic
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She tried on a white sweater with some fall-inspired stripes down the sides

After attempting a french tuck to style the shirt, she made her judgment on whether or not to keep it.

“It’s not awful, I feel like I could style it a lot better than this,” she said.

Last but not least was a flower print top by Prettygarden that cinched in at the waist ($30).

“This is for my ladies who are self-conscious on the tummy,” she said.

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The standout item in the haul was a peplum-style flower top that cinched the waist
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She was unsure about a silky white dress shirt

“It has this stretchy material on the waist and flares out, pretty much like a peplum style.

“You see how it brings in my waist, and then goes out, making my waist look small,” she raved, making the decision to keep the top,” she went on.

Her followers were grateful for the haul.

“The way I run to your storefront every time you post,” said one commenter.

“Love your style! I’m a plus size teacher too and love all your work clothes,” said another.

“One of my favorite ever hauls, everything is a keeper,” said a third.

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