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Date : June 15, 2024
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I’m an elegance coach – 10 shoe styles classy women never wear including a popular winter boot style

FINDING the perfect pair of shoes has been a struggle for many seeking to look chic.

One woman shared her wardrobe wisdom, listing the shoe styles she thinks elegant women should avoid.

Anna Bey showed viewers the 10 shoes to avoid
YouTube/Anna Bey

Anna Bey is an elegance coach based in Geneva, Switzerland.

She is the founder of her own School of Elegance, where she teaches women how to elevate their lifestyle through mannerisms and personal style.

She took to TikTok to share her top 10 shoe styles to stay away from when seeking to appear classier.

First, Bey called out the Birkenstock — a shoe that prioritizes the comfort of the wearer.



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“The Birkenstock is a masculine-looking shoe,” Bey said. “I don’t like it for many reasons.”

“I think it also looks too casual even though it’s very popular these days,” she added.

She also deemed the “ugly shoe trend” one to be avoided, citing styles like rubber straps and square toes as off-putting.

Bey also advised nixing the chunky shoe trend.

“It makes your feet look like two sizes bigger than they actually are,” she warned.

Bey rejected a popular fall favorite — the chunky ankle boot.

“You look so much shorter and so much wider when you wear them,” she advised.

“So what would an elegant lady wearinstead?” Bey asked. “I prefer to buy ankle boots that don’t have a thick sole and also a pair of ankle boots that would look great underneath trousers.”

Bey also rejected shoes that go against your skintone as well as espadrilles with thick straps, which may cut off the silhouette of the leg.

“Believe me, ladies,” Bey concluded. “There are so many rules that we have to think about when it comes to styling ourselves.”

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She advised against chunky ankle boots
YouTube/Anna Bey

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