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Date : July 23, 2024
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I’m a size 16 and tried on a Victoria’s Secret slip dress – it was so cute but you should not buy it if you’re over 5’8

A TIKTOKER gave a review of a Victoria’s Secret slip dress as a mid-sized woman – here’s the verdict and why you shouldn’t buy it if you’re over 5’8.

Allie Ries creates all kinds of content for her over 12,000 followers on TikTok and sometimes, she’ll make fashion reviews for mid-to-plus-sized women.


Allie Ries shared a review of a Victoria’s Secret slip dress as a size 16[/caption]

In a recent video, Allie says she “went a little bit rogue” and bought a slip dress.

“Don’t know what came over me, I am 5’10, size 16,” she said. 

“But I’m very excited to try it on.”

The pink slip dress did fit Allie but, because of her height, it was too short on her body and became inappropriate.

“Shockingly, it’s very short,” she said, showing the dress to the camera.

“I can’t turn around because trust me I can’t turn around.”

Allie admits the Victoria’s Secret dress is very cute but a bit impractical.

“I think if you are really above 5’8, it might be like a little bit of a no.

“Do with that information what you will.”

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cute buy 58 taken without 765022714

She admits the dress was cute, but says if you’re 5’8 and above, it might be too short[/caption]

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