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Date : June 18, 2024
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I’m a plus size & did a size 22 H&M fall haul — the jackets I loved & those that made me look bigger

A PLUS-SIZED woman shared her fall haul from H&M, where she purchased and styled an assortment of jackets.

Heensie, a size-inclusive personal stylist, shares her tips and tricks for plus-size fashion on TikTok with her 58k followers.

Heensie shared the first item in her haul: a long black coat that she did not care for due to a variety of reasons

The influencer is a size 22.

She shared her measurements for reference: Bust: 52, Waist: 40, Hips: 60, Height: 166 (or 5’5.5″).

The first item is a long black coat ($75) that she ordered in a size XXL.

“I don’t really like this, I find the sizing to be very awkward, it’s boxy but not in the way that I like,” she said.

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“I don’t like how it looks closed, I wish it had maybe a little waist-tie or something to bring it in the waist, maybe even the size down,” she continued.

“I also don’t really like these silver buttons, I find them very distracting against all the black when it’s open like this.”

The stylist would’ve preferred all black, including the buttons.

Next, she tried on an XXL grey herringbone blazer ($50).

“It is also a little bit boxy, it’s long-lined, but because the shoulders and the arms are not also oversized, I think that this boxiness really works a lot better on my body,” she explained.

“It does sort of provide shape where it needs to, while still lending quite nicely to that menswear-inspired, androgynous kind of look, I think it’s cute.”

She did, however, note that the jacket was a bit thin and needed a proper steam.

Next, she tried on an XXL brown long-line blazer ($35).

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Next she tried on a grey herringbone blazer
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Then she tried on a brown long-line blazer

“Very similar to the other one in that it’s fitted here in the shoulders, but is a little more boxy around here,” she said.

“But on the other one, there was a lot more room around here,” she said, gesturing to her chest.

Next was an XXL maxi-length cardigan ($35).

“I don’t wear cardigans but when I do, they’re always a longer length because I just really think modernizes the cardigan,” she explained.

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Although she rarely wears cardigans, she found herself enjoying this long black one
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The stylist noted the trend in menswear-inspired clothing and picked up a leather blazer

“I actually really like this, I think it’s quite cute.”

The final piece was a long-line leather jacket ($65) that she purchased for its menswear-inspired look.

“It’s also giving a boxy sort of vibe, a little bit oversized,” she said.

“I also like this one, honestly both of them a hundred times better than that first jacket.”

Her followers took to the comments to express their thoughts on her haul.

“Thank you so much for this! I constantly order from H&M and end up returning quite a bit.

“I think their sizing and cuts are a bit all over the place,” said one commenter.

“How you explain why it is good or not is absolutely great and helpful, thank you for doing this,” said another.

“Love your videos and your fashion knowledge,” said a third.

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