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Date : July 15, 2024
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I’m a personal stylist – I recommend specific silhouettes to flatter your figure if you have a larger stomach

A PERSONAL stylist revealed how to style your body when you have a larger stomach by choosing the best silhouette for your figure

Fashion consultant Jordan Stolch who goes by @jordanstolch on TikTok used examples of fashion highs and lows for Octavia Spencer to explain the best fashion practices fans should follow.


Jordan Stolch is a celebrity-turned-personal stylist[/caption]


Actress Octavia Spencer perfectly flaunted her shape by properly placing the horizontal line[/caption]

“No matter where you carry the weight on your body, our goal is to highlight your shape not hide your shape,” Stolch said.

“And yet, a lot of people are doing the opposite, which is not only making them feel worse about their style, but it’s making them feel worse about their bodies.”

“She’s somebody who really successfully learned how to dress for her body type, going from clothes that don’t fit her properly, to totally understanding how to rock her midsection,” Stolch added of Spencer.

The fashion expert began with a picture of Spencer in tight pants and a red, flowing shirt.

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 Stolch said this shapeless look is “ the worst thing you can do”

 “Big fabric on top of your bigger area only compounds the situation and makes it look bigger,” Stolch said. 

“Your clothes don’t need to be skin tight, but they absolutely do need to fit you.”

 Stolch posted a picture of Spencer with tight jeans and a fitted pink sweater, noting the improved look is because the outfit fit the structure of Spencer’s body.

The next tip is to be aware of the most defined horizontal line in your outfit – and you do not what this place to be your stomach, Stolch advised.

She then used a picture of Spencer wearing empire and peplum as an example of an outfit that “creates definition above the fullest part of the stomach and puts out horizontal line higher up.”

Specific steps need to be taken in order to avoid the “pregnant bump” look with empire-styled clothes, Stolch warned.

“Empire with the right fabric will graze the body…wrong fabric will be too heavy and add additional volume,” she said.

If you are not a fan of this kind of style, you can simply wear longer, but not boxy fitted tops with fitted jeans.


Ruched, wrapped and draped tops are also great choices, according to Stolch.

“The fabrics really flattering through the midsection and it doesn’t add too much additional volume,” she said.

Another great outfit Spencer sported was a longer jacket over an untucked top, which Stolch said is one of her “favorite looks for this body type.”

“The long line creates the vertical length drawing the eye up and down without holding the focus directly on your stomach,” she said.

It’s important to note the jacket can not be too big, as it will “visually compound” the look of your bigger areas.

Instead, you want to make sure that all of our jackets are nipped in at the waist.

“Can we just take a moment to celebrate how good this look is,” she said of Spencer, decked out in a white blazer paired with a black dress.

The long line creates the vertical length drawing the eye up and down without holding the focus directly on your stomach.

Jordan Stolch

Next, you want high-rise pants that sit above the widest part of the body, so that they do not create an indentation

Fashionistas should follow the same advice when wearing dresses and skirts, Stolch said, and choose a piece that flows out directly from the hip.

“This helps you balance out the volume of the midsection without holding the focus specifically on the stomach,” she explained. “No matter where you carry the weight on your body.”

Fans expressed their gratitude for the top tips and care Slotch took with her words in the comments.


“I love and appreciate how deliberate you are with the words you use, one said.

“This was so helpful to see and hear the advice. And to understand the why for what works & what doesn’t,” said another.

“Great video! I really needed this. I hope you do more videos about women who hold weight in their stomachs,” said a third.

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i recommend specific silhouettes flatter 762260153

Stolch wants you to avoid shapeless outfits like this[/caption]

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Stolch has 98,000 followers on TikTok[/caption]

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Spencer was not following her figures, so this dress did not work, Stolch said[/caption]

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