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Date : April 22, 2024
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I’m a nurse – people are wowed by my transformation from scrubs to a bikini

A NURSE got pulses racing when she showed off her bikini body.

Lexie Bree participated in the viral TikTok bikini challenge and made a dramatic reveal.

Lexie Bree showed what she looked like in her everyday nurse scrubs
TikTok / itsmelexiebree

Lexie works as a nurse and decided to transition in her video from her work uniform to a swimsuit.

“Show yourself in work clothes and then a bikini,” she wrote a prompt over the video.

First, she wore a set of grey, slightly baggy scrubs. She posed in the boxy outfit that hid her figure.

Then the video abruptly transitioned to her wearing a revealing bikini.

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She had on a short-sleeve and cropped bathing suit top that tied in the front. It was paired with a matching white string bikini bottom.

Lexie confidently showed off her toned figure.

“Wow. Just wow,” one person commented, while another added: “Absolutely wowzers.”

Others called Lexie “lovely,” “beautiful,” and “sexy.”

Another added: “Nurses need sun too!”

After that video, Lexie has begun posting more bikini content across her social media accounts and her OnlyFans page.

In one TikTok, she posed in a strapless green bikini top and the same white bikini bottoms outside.

A song played over the video with a woman singing: “Rock your body, love your body. Body positivity for me, for you.”

Lexie continued getting compliments, primarily from men.

And ever since she’s been receiving positive feedback on her bikini videos, she’s started filming Shein bikini shopping hauls too.

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Lexie did a bikini reveal and showed off her toned figure
TikTok / itsmelexiebree
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She shared more bikini looks online
TikTok / itsmelexiebree
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Lexi also films bikini try-on videos
TikTok / itsmelexiebree

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