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Date : May 21, 2024
i found incredible dupe kims 769111110

I’m a fashion fan – I found an incredible dupe for Kim’s SKIMS tank-top and it’s less than half the price

A FASHION YouTuber tried on a SKIMS tank-top dupe for less than half the price on Amazon and barely noticed the difference.

Katie Betzing tried on the viral tank-top bodysuit from Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand in a recent YouTube video.

YouTube/Katie Betzing

This fashion YouTuber tried a SKIMS dupe from Amazon[/caption]

YouTube/Katie Betzing

She said ‘the material feels so nice’ and it was less than half the price of the SKIMS version[/caption]

“Honestly, this quality looks nicer than the SKIMS one,” she said in the clip before trying the top on.

Katie spent $25.99 on the tank top, which she got in green from Amazon.

The SKIMS version costs $62, which is more than double the price of the dupe.

“It wasn’t super cheap, but definitely a lot cheaper than the SKIMS one,” she said.

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Katie added: “The material feels so nice.”

“Honestly, I so far don’t notice a difference from SKIMS.”

The only difference she saw before trying it on was that while the dupe is stretchy, the SKIMS is “super stretchy.”

Once she had the bodysuit on, she gave it a “10 out of 10” rating.

“It is so cute … I can’t get over how nice the material is,” she said.

Her only critique was that it is a bit long, even on her body and she is tall with a long torso.

“It’s gonna have this bunched up look a little bit, but I kinda like that.”

Katie added: “It’s very comfy.”

The YouTuber also tried on another SKIMS tank-top bodysuit dupe that was white and went up to her neck.

She said the green top’s material was “way nicer” than the white bodysuit, but the white top was still “really soft.”

Once she put it on she said: “I really, really like it.”

“It’s such a cute look” if you pair it with jeans, she said.

Katie also showed off some Lululemon dupes in her video.

She tried on two different dupes for the Lululemon zip-up sweatshirt and said they were both “so soft.”

The YouTuber also tried on an Amazon dupe for a Lululemon tank top, which cost $38 less than the brand-name top.

“This could not be a more perfect dupe,” she said.

i found incredible dupe kims 769111110
YouTube/Katie Betzing

The SKIMS dupe was a “10 out of 10”[/caption]

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