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Date : May 24, 2024
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Ikojn Living! Cris Njoki’s 2nd Store Launched In Nairobi

Women’s entrepreneurship is a fundamental promoting factor of inclusive economic growth in developing economies. Infact many women in developing countries see entrepreneurship as a path to a better future.

Cris Njoki, one of Kenya’s leading content creators and fashion designer, recently opened her second store at Imaara Mall along Mombasa Road, Nairobi. Her fashion line, IKOJN, a brand she started seven years ago, is a reflection of her personal style; trendy and confident.

The event was attended by her family, close friends, celebrities and media personalities to show support of the new branch. Her first store, located at Westgate Mall was opened back in 2021.

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Her collection of clothes include dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, Kimonos, stylish deras and belts designs. IKOJN (pronounced eye con) is her name Njoki spelt backwards, how cool?

Her collection speaks for itself, from wardrobe staples every woman needs, to a fancy look to wear to your next date night: its for all kinds of women looking to feel elegant and beautiful. In the words of a famous designer “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it,” Cris Njoki sure did, and expresses it magnificently.

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Female entrepreneurship rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are the highest in the world, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. One in four adult woman is engaged in early-stage entrepreneurial activity in the region. The statistics however may mask the challenges that female entrepreneurs face.

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The event was absolutely fantastic and beautiful and as it came to an end, guests toasted to the success of the new store and joined in cutting the cake to signify a new beginning. We wish Cris Njoki all the best in her business of empowering women through fashion.

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