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Date : April 17, 2024

‘Ignorant’ Tourists Spark Anger In Spain After Posing On Historic Monument


A group of tourists have been shamed online after posing for photos on an important archaeological and historical site in Galicia. The incident has sparked a discussion around tourist etiquette – and also that of the example set by locals.

Galician Twitter user Fodechinchos en Galiza has slammed a group of tourists for posing for photos on a historic monument in the north of Spain. If the photo is to be believed, the group of tourists were hanging out on a historically significant set of towers (with an arch between them), with some of them appearing to be taking photos (or posing for them). This did not go down well with Fodechinchos en Galiza, who took a photo of the group of people, and posted it to Twitter with the following caption (translated): “Torres do Oeste in Catoira. Ignorance is international.”

Though they sympathised, not everyone completely agreed with him, however, with one other Twitter user urging Fodechinchos not to be so sweeping in his analysis, writing (also translated): “Why the hell is there no surveillance anywhere? There are no rules in Galicia? Even so, many of the people who clown are also Galician. A bit or rigor.”

“What a disaster,” another added – “and how many Galicians will there be there?” This came in and amongst supportive comments like: “There was no one with a stone and good aim at that time?????” and “I’ve gone to places around the world…[but] Who the f**k can come up with those things?”

“Tired of all this troop. God,” said another, with yet further Twitter users adding their two cents to the bonfire in the form of remarks like “ignorant,” “I can’t believe it” and “they don’t respect anything.” This isn’t the first time a complaint about tourists climbing this historic site has been posted to social media either, with Instagram user maltratodapaisaxe posting a photo of their own four days ago with the caption: “And these photos of Romaria Vinquinga de hoxe in #Catoira show us. Nor are there authorities that prevent the continuation of climbing the stones of our heritage.”

Torres de Oeste is (or was) a defensive structure, and is one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in Galicia. It is on a rocky promontory on the south bank of the Ulla River, connected to the mainland by a swamp.

According to Follow The Vikings: “It almost becomes an island with high tide, contributing to its insularity” and “was declared a Historic and Artistic Monument in 1931.”

“Its origin dates back to the culture of castros (pre-Roman settlements), and later was used by the Romans.”

Follow The Vikings

In other Galicia-related news, tourists could soon be fined more than $1,000 for urinating in or near the ocean in Vigo. It remains unclear how the rule would be enforced, but imagining how it might work sparked a lot of mirth and speculation online when it was announced.

(Not so) happy days.

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