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Date : April 22, 2024

I tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS in size large – I was stunned when I pulled them out of the packaging

I tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS in size large – I was stunned when I pulled them out of the packaging
I tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS in size large – I was stunned when I pulled them out of the packaging

Kim Kardashian’s shape wear line SKIMS has became all the rage, and taken the internet by storm, with fans dying to get their hands on the products.

So, it was no surprise when one customer just couldn’t stop saying Kim’s name after opening Kardashian’s line of shapewear for the first time – but by the time she tried on her haul, she was speechless.


Kate Norkeliunas tried on SKIMS for the very first time[/caption]


Norkeliunas couldn’t belive the shapewear was a size large[/caption]

With 1.9million followers on TikTok, Kate Norkeliunas is known just as “Kate” on the platform. So, like Kim, she’s used to life as a mononym.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people try on SKIMS,” Norkeliunas told her followers, “but haven’t seen anyone with my body type try it on.”

So, she bought the sculpting bodysuit and the sculpt short. As she took the bodysuit out of the package, her face fell.

“This is a large,” Norkeliunas said in a tone of disbelief.



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A terrified-looking Norkeliunas went into the next room to squeeze into the slim garment (and in a comment, she confirmed that putting on the bodysuit required lots of straining and sweating).

When she appeared in the shapewear, it wasn’t obvious what Norkeliunas thought. But when she walked back onscreen, with a pretty slip dress on over the shapewear, Norkeliunas was thrilled.


Norkeliunas was pleased that she didn’t need to wear a bra with the bodysuit[/caption]

“Kimberly, you…you!” she said, trailing off into a squeal and smiling.

“I don’t have to wear a bra,” she said, smoothing her hands over her chest and waist. “I honestly feel great.”

As she turned to look at her back and butt, Norkeliunas couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Wow, wow, wow, wow,” she said. “I’m impressed. I really like it. I like the way it makes me feel.”

Then, it was time to test out the shaping shorts.

Norkeliunas pulled the tiny black shorts out of the package and grimaced.

“Again, a large,” she said, seeming skeptical even though she’d managed to get the first piece onto her body. “Alright, Kimberly. I’ll try it on.”

When she emerged from her dressing room in a bra top and a pair of high-waisted pants, Norkeliunas was speechless.


Norkeliunas wasn’t convinced the skimpy shorts would fit her[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000746751272 1

After squeezing into the tiny shorts, Norkeliunas was left speechless[/caption]

She walked into the room and soundlessly showed off her lifted butt and smoothed-out waist.

Then, she dropped her pants completely, revealing the black shorts underneath.

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She pulled a face while snapping the tight waistband over her stomach, but if there were any questions about her final verdict, they were cleared up by the comment Norkeliunas left on the post.

“Kimberly!!!!!!!!” Norkeliunas wrote, not skimping on her exclamation marks. “Love it.”

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