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Date : May 19, 2024

I spent $700 on Kim Kardashian’s Skims – my thick thighs don’t fit and there’s an awkward problem in the crotch area

I spent $700 on Kim Kardashian’s Skims – my thick thighs don’t fit and there’s an awkward problem in the crotch area

A FASHION vlogger spent $700 on SKIMS and while she loved some pieces, she said others didn’t fit her thick thighs.

Kayla Lashae shared her haul from Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand SKIMS in a recent YouTube video.


A YouTuber is sharing her review of a $700 SKIMS haul[/caption]


Kayla Lashae loved some pieces but said others were not ‘built for the thick thigh community’[/caption]

First up was a pair of faux leather leggings in black.

Kayla got a small based on what the sizing chart told her, but she was apprehensive about fitting into the leggings once they arrived.

“Y’all I cannot get this on,” Kayla said during the try-on portion of the video.

“It does not cater to the thick thigh community,” she said.

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Kayla also got a large cropped crewneck from the Cotton Fleece Collection.

She said it “still fits and looks super cute,” but she personally likes her crewnecks to be bigger on her body.

Kayla also got the sweatpants in the collection. She said the leg length was great for girls with long legs.

She said she was disappointed at how thin the waistband was and the fact that they didn’t have pockets.

Kayla also pointed out that the crouch area from the band to the inseam was “way too long.”

“It just looks saggy in the front area and not in a cute over-sized way,” she said.

Kayla also bought the Mock Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit in the shade Fire, which looks orange.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep it because it was pricey.

However toward the end of the video she said: “It’s kinda growing on me.”

“I do love this particular bodysuit,” she said.

“I just don’t have any SKIMS in this particular shade.”

Kayla wanted to get everything from the Hotel Collection because it gave “luxury on vacation” vibes.

She ended up picking the pink sleep dress to try on, calling it “your boyfriend’s over-sized shirt.”

“It’s very loose and breathable,” she said.


Kayla also got the SKIMS robe from the Hotel Collection, however she was not impressed, noting that it was very thin.

The robe was the same material as the sleep dress.

“It doesn’t give me hotel. It’s giving me Dexter’s Laboratory,” she jokingly said.

Kayla wanted to try SKIMS underwear, so she bought the Micro Thong.

However, it was a tad too micro. She said: “This is tiny. Kim, what is this gonna fit?”

She also bought the triangle bralette in black and nude.

Kayla already has the regular bralette and loves it.

“I know I will get my money’s worth because I wear those with everything,” said Kayla.

Kayla also got a matching SKIMS set in Army Green.

“They just do something for the booty,” she said about the biker shorts in the set.

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“The waistband really snatches you and sucks you in.”

The T-shirt in the set also pairs nicely with other bottoms like jeans or sweatpants, Kayla said.

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The fashion vlogger reviewed a sweats set from the brand[/caption]

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Holding up a Micro Thong, she said: ‘This is tiny. Kim, what is this gonna fit?’[/caption]

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