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Date : May 24, 2024
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How to recreate these chic up-dos for New Years Eve

How to recreate these chic up-dos for New Years Eve
How to recreate these chic up-dos for New Years Eve
How to recreate these chic up-dos for New Years Eve
How to recreate these chic up-dos for New Years Eve

Braid twist and ducktail hair styles on NYE confetti background
Ring in the New Year in style (Picture: Duck & Dry)

The biggest night out of the year is almost upon us, and group chats across the nation are full of questions

‘Heels or flats? Jeans or dresses? Tights or no tights?’

And crucially: ‘What are you doing with your hair?’

Running the straighteners through your locks might be fine for a casual Saturday in November, but for New Year’s Eve, many of us like to kick it up a gear.

But as we all know, ‘doing hair’ isn’t easy, so we went to the experts.

Stylists at blow dry bar, Duck & Dry have given us handy how-tos for three chic up-dos that will add the wow-factor to your NYE ‘fit.

Braided Twist

braided twist updo braid hairstyle london hair salon mayfair chelsea soho london braids updos bun c161

Elegant and ethereal, the braided twist is giving NYE regencycore.

Rosie Rowley, senior stylist and manager at Duck & Dry says: ‘Achieve this beautiful up-do by creating a braid on one side of your head, then delicately pin the rest of your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck.

‘Lock your bun into place with hairspray to ensure all your strands stay in place without a crunchy look or feel.’

You could also make this look even more festive by adding strands of hair tinsel.

Duck tail

Go for an eye-catching look (Picture: Duck & Dry)
Go for an eye-catching look (Picture: Duck & Dry)

A high pony, but make it extra.

‘If you want to go for a classic look, try our ducktail, which is an up-do with a voluminous ponytail,’ says Rosie.

‘Recreating this look is as effortless as it looks, smooth your hair back into a ponytail – how high or low you’d like it is completely up to you.

‘Our expert stylists then recommend you spritz your ponytail with a sea salt spray to add some essential grip and texture before tonging.

‘After adding some waves to your pony, you can tong the front strands to frame your face and style as is, or inject instant volume with texturising spray.’

You could even jazz up the look with an on-trend bow to elevate your party look.

Top knot

A classic (Picture: Duck & Dry)
A classic (Picture: Duck & Dry)

You might be used to wearing a high bun when you’re having a lazy day, but it’s more versatile than you might think.

Rosie says: ‘One of our most requested party looks is the Top Knot – a high bun with loose strands to frame the face.

‘To ensure a flawless style, you should spray your brush with hairspray before smoothing all your locks back into a bun.

‘Then secure your bun into place as you desire; we recommend using texturizing spray on your bun to create the perfect volume that you need for this up-do.

‘You can also spritz it onto the roots of your front strands to inject a natural but beautiful lift.’

The beauty of this look is you can wear it tighter for a sleek clean girl look – but remember to look after your hair if you’re pulling it back tight. Or, go for looser soft, effortless vibe.

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