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Date : May 20, 2024
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How To Keep The Heat In This Year

Keeping homes warm and costs down is something that is on most people’s minds. With the increase in energy prices and an increase in how cold the winters are – it is also time to increase the measures you take to keep your home warm. 

As the cold seasons start to get into full swing, it can be quite a shock from those final few warm days. There is a range of things that you can do to help keep your home warm without breaking the bank. 

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Old boilers or ones that aren’t working their best are costly – and can mean that your home isn’t enjoying the warmth that it could be. Ageing boilers become less efficient and then more expensive. A heating system repair service is the quickest and most effective way to ensure that your home’s primary heating source is working correctly. 


Of course, the more layers that you have, the warmer you or your home is. When it comes to beds, adding extra layers of blankets in different materials is one of the best options. Where possible, aim for wools, chenille, and fleece. 

Soft furnishings can keep all of the heat in and keep your home warm even when you’re not snuggled under the blankets. 

When it comes to what you wear, have a base layer like a singlet, followed by a skin-hugging t-shirt (long-sleeved is often the best), and then thicker layers as you go. 


It can be tempting to keep turning your thermostat up and down, but it is much better to spend energy to set it to a single temperature and leave it. If your thermostat is old, when you have a heating service provider come to check the boiler, it is an excellent time to have your thermostat checked too. 

Make sure that it is accurate, and where possible, use a timer. That way, you will only get the heat in your home when you need it. 

Investing in a smart thermostat is a great option, as you can control it from an application on your phone. Meaning you can set the heating for just a short time before you return home. 


Many people find their radiators ugly, and because of that, they put sofas and other obstructions in front of them. Doing that will obstruct the heat coming into the home, reducing how warm your rooms can get. 

Take a look at the layout of your room, and ensure that there is a free flow for the heat to travel around the room. 

Try to close sofas, beds, and even desks and chairs, but with space for the heat to move beyond and around the room. 

An exception to the rule is adding a floating shelf above the radiator. A floating shelf above the radiator will direct the heat into the room rather than it rising straight up. 


The easier the sunsets, the quicker the cold creeps in. Keeping the curtains open during the day can let the sun naturally heat the room. However, it is essential to close the curtains as the sun sets. 

If the sunsets at 5 pm, close your curtains around 4 pm to give the room a head start to be warmed up. 


Not only do rugs look fantastic and add a lot of personality to the room – but they can help keep the heat in a room. If you have bare floorboards, laminate, or similar materials, they can get colder than carpets. 

Layering rugs is an interior trend with a big bonus. – if you are heat conscious, then opt for wool as it can help to balance the humidity in the room (just like it does on the sheep!).


Although there is a lot to be said for warm textiles, candles can play a part too. You don’t need a real candle; a fake one is usually enough. They don’t produce enough warmth to keep a room warm, but they offer a cozy look. 

Making your room look warm can make a big difference. Just like cold blues and whites can help us to feel cool in the summer, oranges, yellows, and rusty colors feel warm. 

Electric blankets

If you don’t want to put the heating on for the whole house, a much cheaper alternative is to put a heated blanket for a short time before you hop into bed. The electric blanket is also a great idea because it can also be moved around the house. You can put it on the sofa if you spend a lot of time there. 

You’ll need to work out how much the electric blanket will cost to run vs. putting on the heating for the house, but usually, they are much cheaper. 


Depending on the type of keyhole in your home, you might accidentally let cold air flood in all the time in the winter. Often, the cause of the stream of cold air won’t be found either because it’s not something we consider. 

A metal disc can be fitted to slide over the top of the keyhole to prevent this little leak. 

Lost insulation 

A lot of the house heat will escape from the loft, which is also where a lot of the cold will leak in. It is estimated that up to a quarter of the house’s heat will escape from a loft that is not insulated. 

Consider this the same as heading out into the cold without putting a hat on. Although the initial insulation cost might be high, spend some time researching schemes for money off, discounts, and more – keep in mind that once done, this will last up to 40 years. 

Improving parts of your homes to help keep the warmth in is one of the projects that you can do when it comes to fall and winter maintenance. Here are a couple more tips that can get you started with your to-do list: Essential Tips For Home Improvement And Repair Projects This Fall » Sunny Sweet Days

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