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Date : July 19, 2024
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Hiker survives 200-foot fall in San Gabriel Mountains

Hiker survives 200-foot fall in San Gabriel Mountains

A woman from Colorado had to be rescued by helicopter after tumbling 200 feet down one of Southern California’s tallest peaks on Saturday, authorities said.

Ruth Woroniecki, 40, from Thornton, Colo. left her family’s campground early Saturday morning to climb Cucamonga Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

After reaching the 8,800-foot summit and beginning her descent, Woroniecki slipped on ice and fell approximately 200 feet where she came to rest on a fallen tree trunk and sustained serious injuries.

“A nearby hiker found Woroniecki and activated his Garmin inReach device to get her help,” SBSD said in a news release.

An aerial search team located Woroniecki and determined a rescue helicopter would be required “due to her location and the amount of time it would take for ground crews to reach her.”

Gusty winds hampered the rescue effort. Eventually, authorities hoisted a rescuer to an area west of Woroniecki’s location.

“The rescuer, who was equipped with crampons and an ice axe, hiked to her location and assessed her condition,” SBSD said. “He placed Woroniecki in a rescue harness and assisted her to an open area, away from trees.”

She was hoisted into the helicopter and later transported to a local hospital.

Her condition was not available.

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