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Date : June 22, 2024
2. gym lips trend

“Gym lips” are the new “supermodel lips”, and you don’t have to workout to achieve them

“Gym lips” aren’t what they sound like, and you certainly won’t have to hit the gym to get the look.

Some also call it the ’90s “supermodel lips”, but regardless of its name, plenty of people on TikTok are obsessing over how good it looks – and you will too.

We’re here to give you the lowdown on what they are and how you can achieve them easily.

What are “gym lips”?

2. gym lips trend

Photo source: @anna..paull/TikTok

Think of “gym lips” as your lips but better and way juicier. The term was coined by makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, and it comes from the fact that it looks so casual and effortless, you can even wear it to the gym.

All you have to do is enhance your natural lip shade and top it off with a glossy finish, so it’s wearable and comfortable.

How can you get “gym lips”?

3. gym lips trend lip liner

Photo source: @lawlessbeautyofficial/TikTok and @zhilabeauty/TikTok

This super natural glossy lip takes a small twist on the usual method. This time, you won’t need a lipstick or tint. Instead, all you’ll need is a lip liner.

Pick out a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour and line your lips as usual. To recreate the look successfully, we recommend that you don’t overline your lips too much.

Tilt your lip liner at an angle and gently glide it across your entire lip. We know that lip liners are not technically used to fill in our lips but you can make an exception for this look.

If you want extra pillowy lips, you can try over-lining your lip only at your cupid’s bow where the curves of your lips meet in the middle.

4. gym lips trend lip mask

Photo source: @anna..paull/TikTok and @zhilabeauty/TikTok

Once you’re done, there is another twist from your usual way of doing lips. Instead of using a standard lip gloss, you’ll be using a lip care treatment to give you a more natural-looking kind of shine.

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What you need to get the “gym lips”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner

5. gym lips trend Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner

This product comes in 18 shades, so you’re bound to find your ideal lip colour. With a range of pinkish hues to neutral browns, the lip liner has a creamy formula that will glide on your lips for a velvety-matte finish. Top this up with the gloss or lip treatment of your choice and you’ll have the perfect “gym lips”.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner retails for S$32 on Sephora.

The Face Shop Creamy Touch Lip Liner

6. gym lips trend The Face Shop Creamy Touch Lip Liner

A creamy formula that gives us a long-lasting pout – what more could we ask for? The Face Shop has taken things a step further to help beauty newbies by adding a built-in lip brush. The lip brush makes it easy to blend the product out on your lips.

The Face Shop Creamy Touch Lip Liner retails for S$6.25 on Yesstyle.

Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lip Liner

7. gym lips trend Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lip Liner

When this lip liner first launched, it was widely praised for its creamy formula and longevity. Reviewers loved how balmy and velvety it felt on their lips, and we adore its soft matte finish that’s perfect for more diffused “gym lips”.

The lip liner comes in flattering neutrals too, which makes it even easier for us to cop the look.

Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lip Liner retails for S$25 on Sephora.

Missha Silky Lasting Lip Pencil

8. gym lips trend Missha Silky Lasting Lip Pencil

This lip pencil doubles up as a lipstick, which makes it perfect for the trend.

It also has a long-lasting formula that is infused with moisturising avocado oil, while shea butter keeps your lips nourished and prevent flakiness.

This extra boost of hydration will give your lips the juiciness they need to nail this trend.

Missha Silky Lasting Lip Pencil retails for S$4.35 on Yesstyle.

Laneige Mini Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

9. gym lips trend Laneige Mini Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

Although this treatment is supposed to be an overnight lip mask, plenty of TikTokers have been reaching for this for its glossy effect (whether or not they’re trying out the trend).

The lip mask comes in various shades and flavours ranging from apple lime to caramel, but the one you ought to try is the berry variant. It has a more neutral pinkish shade that will complement your lip liner flawlessly.

When used as an overnight lip mask, this product can help soften dry patches on your lips while giving them deep hydration and care. You’ll be left with the softest pout the next morning.

Laneige Mini Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry retails for S$12 on Sephora.

RNW DER. CARE Lip Treatment

10. gym lips trend RNW DER. CARE Lip Treatment

Convenient packaging aside, the DER. CARE Lip Treatment also boasts a nourishing formula. Featuring moisturising shea butter, squalane to protect the skin, and pantheon which improves your skin’s elasticity, the gel-like lip treatment will give your lips a plump appearance.

RNW DER. CARE Lip Treatment retails for S$17.39 on Yesstyle.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Lip Luminizer + Plumper

11. gym lips trend Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Lip Luminizer Plumper

Glitter in most lip formulas are a dead giveaway that you’re wearing makeup. Thankfully, Fenty Beauty offers a shimmer-free lip luminiser and plumper that promises fuller, natural-looking lips.

It even contains conditioning shea butter and vitamin E to help lock in moisture, so you can get an intense wet-look finish that meets your “gym lips” goals.

Don’t freak out if you feel a slight tingling sensation upon application. It has an innovative Plump Job Complex that contains a blend of ingredients designed to gently plump your lips for a juicy pout.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Lip Luminizer + Plumper retails for S$38 on Sephora.

Abib Moisturizing Lip Balm Relief Tube

12. gym lips trend Abib Moisturizing Lip Balm Relief Tube

Last but definitely not least is Abib’s lip balm, which goes easy on our wallets. This nighttime lip care product is popular because of its finish and consistency, but we also love its hydrating formula.

Panthenol enhances your skin’s elasticity, while the rice germ oil and botanical oils help lock in moisture to create a glowing finish. Castor oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax is also infused in the formula to condition dry lips.

Abib Moisturizing Lip Balm Relief Tube retails for S$17.39 on Yesstyle.

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