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Date : June 15, 2024
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Frontier Airlines announces ‘unlimited’ flight pass

Frontier Airlines announces ‘unlimited’ flight pass

(NewsNation) — Frontier Airlines announced on Wednesday an “All-You-Can-Fly” pass for about $600, but as you would expect, there is some fine print.

The “GoWild” pass offers holders access to unlimited flights between the Denver-based airline’s U.S. destinations, including Puerto Rico, for an annual price.

The $599 price tag is, however, an introductory offer. Unless it is canceled, the price soars to $1,999 a year when it automatically renews.

Buyers can start booking their flights beginning May 2, 2023. While the flights are technically “unlimited,” there are dozens of blackout dates — including dates around most major holidays.

Taxes, fees and charges apply at the time of booking and travelers are not eligible to earn miles of status, according to Frontier.

According to The Washington Post, tickets don’t become available to book and confirm until the day before departure, and Frontier warned that “last seat availability is not guaranteed.”

Frontier said only “a limited number” of passes will be available at the $599 rate.

Travel industry expert Sandra McLemore said the package, for those with flexible schedules, is actually a great bargain.

“If you’re a remote worker, if you’re an active retiree or just happy to vacation around at your own leisure, it’s actually a really good deal,” she said.

But McLemore cautioned it’s definitely not the right move for those with fixed schedules.

“If you’re going to a wedding, to a childbirth, to a conference, to a funeral, to a concert or if you have to be (at your destination) at a very set time, this is not for you. Because the reservation can only be made the day before you travel.”

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