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Date : April 24, 2024

Conway holds final public meeting on master plan for new trails and pathways

Conway holds final public meeting on master plan for new trails and pathways

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Conway City Council held its final public input meeting on a master plan for new trails and pathways. 

The city’s planning officials created what they refer to as a 90% draft, which includes the locations and funds that are needed to create the system of trails and pathways, according to Allison Hardin, Conway’s director of planning and development. 

“We had just about everything, but we needed a few other little tweaks,” Hardin said. “[The] staff looked at it and gave it a few tweaks, and we were hoping that if anybody else has anything else to say they would have said so today so we can bring it to city council for adoption in two weeks.”

Surveys from the community indicated that Conway residents prefer multipurpose trails, but no one spoke at the meeting.

The city council created the proposal in 2021 to create more outdoor engagements for residents. 

“We are in the last phases of a multi-month project time frame to prepare a plan going forth with trails, pathways, and blueways through Conway to connect Conway to Coastal Carolina University and, hopefully, connect Conway trails to the county trails that are available and provide a lot of outdoor recreational space, where as of right now, we don’t have as much,” Hardin said.

The detailed plan will give the planning and development department a bigger advantage when applying for grants, Hardin said.

“There’s no direct funds right now,” she said. “The purpose for having the budget estimations is so when we do start allocating funds for it we know how much we need.”

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