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Date : May 20, 2024
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Congress will start new session with long to-do lists

Congress will start new session with long to-do lists

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A new session of Congress will start in the new year, with a whole different power dynamic. Lawmakers already have big plans for the next two years.

On Tuesday, the new session will begin and Republicans will take over the majority in the House.

Congressman Greg Steube said a major priority will be the southern border.

“I believe the American people put us in the majority on the House to deal with the immigration crises,” Steube said.

But the first task for the House will be choosing a Speaker. Congressman McCarthy is fighting for the spot, but doesn’t have enough votes yet.

“The conference is going to have to figure that out before we start business,” McCarthy said.

The Republican majority will also control House committees and their investigations. They’ve said they plan to use them to crack down on the Biden Administration.

Even in the minority, Congressman Don Beyer said Democrats still have important responsibilities in the House.

“To try to be that alternative voice, always looking for win-win situations to help the American people,” Beyer said.

Democrats will still control the White House and the Senate. So Republicans will have to work across party lines to get legislation passed and signed into law.

“You have to be realistic, but it would be foolish to give up on finding a path for some bipartisan pieces of legislation,” Senator Tim Kaine said.

Senator Tim Kaine points out the last Congress passed bipartisan legislation on infrastructure, gun control, and computer chips. He thinks there are more areas where both parties can come together.

“What about mental health? What about substance use disorders and opioid addiction? What about long COVID?” Kaine said.

Though some priorities will be left behind in the name of compromise.

“I don’t think either party is going to be able to get anything that are out on the edges,” Beyer said. “But there will be many many things in the middle that we do together.

The work to find that middle ground starts next week.

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