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Date : July 23, 2024
2. light brown coffee jelly nails

“Coffee jelly” nails are the gorgeous new manicure that’s trending – here’s how you can get the look

By now, most of us are no strangers to the “jelly” nail trend. They have been highly raved about on social media lately and they’re constantly evolving and taking on new forms.

Whether you’re a manicure newbie or pro, here is a small recap on what “jelly” nails are. This style of manicure is characterised by its sheer and translucent hues. This helps them have a jelly-like appearance that makes you want to eat them up.

Following the success of “grape jelly” nails, we’re here to share with you a new variation of the manicure: “coffee jelly” nails!

Here are the perfect nails you need to celebrate the season of pumpkin spice, flannel shirts, and (hopefully) cooler Singapore weather. You don’t want to miss out on these “coffee jelly” nails.

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“Coffee jelly” nail inspiration

Light brown “coffee jelly” nails

2. light brown coffee jelly nails

Photo source: QooYa!/Xiao Hong Shu

Starting us off we have the standard light brown “coffee jelly” nails. Though simple, these nails instantly lift your entire vibe to a whole new level of elegance. Simple yet classy is just what you need if you want something light and neutral to blend with any outfit or occasion.

Long “coffee jelly” nails

3. long coffee jelly nails

Photo source: dongganmantou/Xiao Hong Shu

If you like longer nails, you can go for a look just like this. With the added space, you can have a simple sheer light brown to dark brown blend. Achieve a nail look that reminds us of a mixed ice macchiato. Additionally, you can add fancy embellishments to top it off and emphasise your nails.

Macchiato “coffee jelly” nails

4. macchiato coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 爱吃饭的星/Xiao Hong Shu

We all crave a nice cup of macchiato whether it is a hot day out or a rainy day in. These nails remind us of the beloved macchiato with white polish on the tips. As the white blends and swirls into the sheer brown polish, it creates a look that is so elegant yet youthful.

“Coffee jelly” nails abstract shapes

5. abstract shape coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 麻油叶/Xiao Hong Shu

A quirky touch can be added to this elegant style in a minimalistic way. You can freestyle spherical shapes on your nails to give the look a dynamic feel. Paint the shapes using your jelly-like dark brown polish against an opaque cream-coloured polish to give it more contrast.

Frappuccino “coffee jelly” nails

6. frappuccino coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 白桃可可/Xiao Hong Shu

A perfect blend of sweet and refreshing, these Frappuccino “coffee jelly” nails are just like the drink it resembles. The whole look takes on a lighter brown colour scheme. The swirls between brown and cream are more blended than the other looks. With a nail look like this, you can stand out in a subtle and soft way.

“Coffee jelly” nails with glitter

7. coffee jelly nails with glitter

Photo source: Coco nail/Xiao Hong Shu

Accessorising your nails with glitter is an easy yet fun method to take your look to the next level. We recommend using gold sparkles or glitter for your “coffee jelly” look instead of silver. The gold contrasts better with the brown and it gives your manicure an added pop.

Latte art “coffee jelly” nails

8. latte art coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 葡萄柚子/Xiao Hong Shu

Latte art is something so complex yet fun to do. So how about trying out latte art on your nails? You can recreate the frothy milk of latte artworks against the sheer brown polish to create a nice effect. Be creative and draw whatever you like!

However, if you want something simple and chic, you can try out a simple heart or dot instead. You can achieve a heart by dropping two drops of sheer white polish and then connecting them with a toothpick to make a heart.

Pumpkin spice latte “coffee jelly” nails

9. pumpkin spice latte coffee jelly nails

Photo source: Tutti图钉美甲美睫/Xiao Hong Shu

The sheer brown details of this look take on a slightly orange tone. This reminds us of the popular autumn coffee drink, pumpkin spice latte. You can play around with this look and include opaque polishes to resemble a latte or sheer brown polishes for an added “jelly” effect.

Ombre “coffee jelly” nails

10. ombre coffee jelly nails

Photo source: G88818/Xiao Hong Shu

If you’re not a fan of full neutrals, this ombre “coffee jelly” is something you can explore. You can blend cool-toned “jelly” polishes with your sheer brown ones. Cool tones range from blue, lilac to mint. Choose a colour that matches your vibe or occasion and blend it out with a top coat for a seamless ombre.

Cold brew “coffee jelly” nails

11. cold brew coffee jelly nails

Photo source: Ky YoYo/Xiao Hong Shu

Dark and bitter, just like your soul (we kid). For a more serious nail look, try playing around with a dark brown colour scheme. Feel free to mix and match shades of brown or simply paint all your nails with a sheer dark brown polish.

Constellation “coffee jelly” nails

12. constellation coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 幻彩美甲/Xiao Hong Shu

Aside from the standard glitters or shimmery flakes you can use to accessorise your nails, try adding star-shaped embellishments to make your nails look out of this world. You can give it a galaxy vibe just by adding a few stars closer to the tip of your nails.

“Coffee jelly” nails in cool winter vibes

13. coffee jelly nails in winter vibes

Photo source: 幻彩美甲/Xiao Hong Shu

Similarly to the ombre “coffee jelly” nails, if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to these neutral-toned nails, you definitely have to try this! First, paint your nails with an opaque cool-toned polish. Afterwards, design it however you want by painting the sheer brown polish on top.

Floral “coffee jelly” nails

14. floral coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 西瓜瓜瓜瓜儿/Xiao Hong Shu

Living in Singapore means that we can celebrate the four seasons no matter the time of year. If you want to give the “coffee jelly” nails a spring makeover, try the floral version of this trend. All you need to do is add floral embellishments or stickers on top of your sheer brown polish.

Espresso “coffee jelly” nails with gold lining

15. gold lining coffee jelly nails

Photo source: 奕妃美甲/Xiao Hong Shu

The last inspiration look may be the simplest out of all the adaptations but will give you a flawless sleek look. Simply seal the tips of your nails off with a gold polish after your sheer brown. This lining frames your nail shape, giving it a structured and elegant finish.

How to achieve “coffee jelly” nails at home

Hooked onto this look? If you’re looking to try this out for yourself, there’s a simple method you can follow. Identical to the “grape jelly” nails, you can make your own sheer brown polish at home.


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Unlike the TikTok video above, pick any shade of brown you want instead of a purple one to mix with your clear polish. Just like that, you have your very own “coffee jelly” nail polish! To create looks like the frappuccino or light brown “coffee jelly” nails, you will need a sheer and glossy polish. For looks like the espresso or latte, you will need a more opaque consistency.

When you add more clear polish to your mixture, you will get a more translucent consistency. So go ahead and adjust according to your preference.

Alternatively, there are many “coffee jelly” nail polish products out in the market that will give you the jelly-like appearance you need. Here are some polishes for you to create the various looks we’ve shared with you.

Best “coffee jelly” nail polishes

Anothersexy Tea Jelly Translucent Tint UV Gel Nail Polish in Gingernut

16. anothersexy gingernut jelly nail polish

This product has over 1000 sales on Shopee and we can’t blame past buyers. We simply love the “jelly” effect this product gives us. With simply two coats, you will immediately get a translucent finish. Anothersexy has brought us many shades of brown to choose from but the one we recommend for your “coffee jelly” desires would be Gingernut.

Feel free to explore other options like Toffee, Hojicha, and Caramel. Choose the one that suits the “coffee jelly” look you’re going for!

Be sure to have a UV or LED gel curing lamp with you in order to set this nail polish.

Anothersexy Tea Jelly Translucent Tint UV Gel Nail Polish retails for S$8.30 on Shopee.

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color in Peanut Butter Caramel

17. chantilly ducato nail polish

If you’re looking for something effortless and simple, this polish does not require a curing lamp.

Chantilly was featured in our article about the “grape jelly” nails but we can’t help but feature it again. Get the sheer look with two easy swipes of polish on each nail. This polish has a smooth formula that will glide effortlessly onto your nails.

Furthermore, Chantilly is the sister brand of the famous Japanese makeup brand, Cezanne, so you don’t have to worry about being skimped on quality here.

Chantilly Ducato Natural Nail Color in Peanut Butter Caramel retails for S$18.76 on Yesstyle.

Kasi Sheer Jelly Nail Polish Gelish Manicure

18. kasi sheer nail polish

There are two options to choose from Kasi. They sell both their sheer and opaque versions under one listing for your convenience.

Mix-and-match among the shades and finishes available to choose the ones that suit you the best. They have four suitable sheer light brown nudes and two opaque dark browns for you to experiment with.

Kasi Sheer Jelly Nail Polish Gelish Manicure retails for S$6.99 on Shopee.

Gaoy Jelly Series Nail Polish Gel

19. gaoy nail polish

A polish that looks good enough to eat right off your fingers, the Gaoy Jelly series brings us a wide range of colours to choose from. Among the large variety, there are a few shades of brown for you to pick out.

E-370 and E-361 are two shades we would like to recommend to fit the colour scheme of this style.

Gaoy Jelly Series Nail Polish Gel retails for S$3.84 on Shopee.

Dear Laura Pa Nail Color in Brown

20. dear laura nail polish

For those looking at the espresso and cold brew looks mentioned above, this polish is what you need to add-to-cart.

Dear Laura has formulated this to provide a glossy and smooth finish. The ingredients even provide extra gloss. Apply a single coat to give you a “jelly” appearance or apply two coats for a rich opaque colour.

Dear Laura Pa Nail Color in Brown retails for S$13.11 on Yesstyle.

If you’re not looking for a nail salon to help you out with this look, book your next manicure trip through our Salon Finder to get attractive deals!

Feature image credit: PLAINSON 素臣/Xiao Hong Shu, 爱吃饭的星/Xiao Hong Shu, 葡萄柚子/Xiao Hong Shu

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