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Date : June 20, 2024
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Anthony Davis Says Foot Injury Is Healing Quickly

Anthony Davis Says Foot Injury Is Healing Quickly
Anthony Davis Says Foot Injury Is Healing Quickly

The Lakers star said he is progressing in his recovery of his latest foot injury.

Anthony Davis has missed a good chunk of December due to a foot injury, but the Lakers forward said his recovery process is moving along well.

Davis told reporters Friday that he was not experiencing as much pain in his right foot and that he is progressing in his healing process.

“It’s healing pretty quickly,” Davis said, per the Los Angeles Times. “So when we get back to L.A., we’ll do another image of the foot, and see how far it’s healed since the last time I did it, which was the 22nd or the 23rd. And it’s really just about pain. The pain is still there, I still feel it a little bit, not as much as I did before. … I’ve been lifting, and lifting is fine. Everything I do in the weight room is fine.”

The Lakers star did not provide a timeframe on a return to the court.

“If I see that it’s healed properly, or enough where I can go start ramping up on the court, then we’ll start that process,” he said.

Davis injured his foot during the first half of the Lakers’ game against the Nuggets on Dec. 16.

Davis’s injury is one that would likely need offseason surgery to remove a bone spur, which often requires surgery and extended recovery time.

However, he is hoping to avoid surgery at the conclusion of the season.

“I don’t like surgery,” Davis said. “I feel like, if it can be avoided, then let’s avoid it. When that became an option, I wanted to make sure I get the best understanding for me because I’m the one who has to make the decision with that.”

The injury came at an inopportune time for both the Lakers and their star forward. Davis was averaging 27.4 points and a career-high 12.1 rebounds per game, and Los Angeles is in dire need of his presence inside.

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