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Date : July 16, 2024
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8 Steps to Master Essay Writing in College

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You’ve just been handed an essay assignment in one of your classes. You need to write it before the deadline arrives, but you don’t have much time on your hands. What do you do? Before getting started, it’s best to take some time to set yourself up for essay writing success. So you don’t have to scramble at the last minute in order to complete it within your deadline or look for essay writers. Read these tips to Master Essay Writing for your next college assignment.

1) Choose a topic you are passionate about

This is by far the best recommendation. When you choose a topic you are passionate about the task at hand is much easier. Once you selected your topic, get information on the topic by reading and researching. Gather all your notes and make sure that it is well organized. Make a rough outline for your essay. This overview must include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction should present the reader the subject of the work and include a thesis statement.

Puerta de la Justicia Entrance to Alahambra Palace Spain

2) Brainstorm points of view

Brainstorming will help you organize your ideas. Writing out the thoughts that come to mind will help you structure your essay.

  • What are your personal views on the topic?
  • Consider your friend’s views?
  • What are other people’s views?
  • How do you feel about different viewpoints and why?

The more research you do on your topic, the more informed you will become, and as a result, you’ll have more perspective on this topic.

3) Write with clarity and confidence

Using short, direct sentences with action verbs. Avoid wordy phrases and passive vocabulary which distract from the message you want to convey. The reader will get lost if they have to read your sentence four times before they understand it. Make sure your language is simple so it is easy to comprehend what you want them to know.

For example: Trying out for football requires agility, strength and speed. If a player doesn´t have these skills, they may not make the team as easily as someone who does.


4) Break your paper into sections

Divide the essay into sections. Create a possible title for each part and fill it with your ideas before writing up the content. Remember, the sections won´t be equal in length or content. This is important to first write out the most difficult or main ideas of your essay. Later you can add on other sentences or ideas.

5) Check spelling and grammar

Before completing the piece. Check for errors and spelling mistakes. If you have any, cross them out or correct them. Go back and check for anything that is not clear or readable. You don’t want people struggling to read your paper. It maybe better if you spent a long time working on this to take a break and come back later. Stepping back from your work will allow you to see it with fresh eyes. Read it out loud to see if there are any words you spelt incorrectly (a good example is like their instead of there) Check your written essay has sentences which need clarification or simplifying.

6) Use formatting, spacing, and margins

Use formatting, spacing, and margins. The first thing that you need is a title for your essay. A well-written title grabs the reader’s attention. Next, make sure that your paper has good formatting and layout. Begin with a heading for your name and the assignment due date at the top of the paper. Make sure you have enough white space on each side of paragraphs to read easier and separate paragraphs from one another with a line break or indentation at the end of each paragraph.

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7) Make it interesting.

It’s a good idea to keep your introduction short and concise, but also engaging. The first sentence should tell the reader what the essay is about and grab their attention immediately. Try starting with a question or a general idea of what they are going to discover in the document.

8) Revise! Revise! Revise!

Recheck your paper after completing the first draft. Edit for spelling and grammatical errors, then focus on the content. Make sure that your argument is clear and that you are supporting your claim with strong evidence. Then proofread one last time before submitting your work.

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