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Date : June 22, 2024
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25 Questions with Fashion and Lifestyle Content Creator, Joy Kendi.

Fashion to me is a way of expressing our inner selves, how we feel without uttering a word which can change at any stage we are in life. It is a way of living that gives us joy and control of wearing something that makes you feel beautiful or powerful and in your purpose.

In the words of a famous designer, “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language” – Miuccia Prada.

We sit down with one of Kenya’s top Influential personalities, Joy Kendi, a fashion and lifestyle content creator who has built her own brand for years and gained global recognition of her creative work.

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25 Quickfire questions with Joy Kendi

Who is your fashion role model in Kenya,,, and internationally? 

*Laughs* I don’t like playing that game, i love many fashion creators!

How does fashion affect your life?

I am a firm believer of how you decide to show yourself to the world is a perfect representation of how i am feeling on the inside, a representation of how i am feeling each day and i can change my style any day.

What do you think of designer fashion?

I don’t have an issue of luxury brands, if i cant afford it i cant afford it. My biggest thing about it is when a very large brand decides to steal a design from a local brand and present it as theirs and patent that design where nobody has access to it. But overall, doesn’t bother me, buy a bag for 7 dollars or 5000 dollars either is fine!

Would you ever be a fashion runway model?

Given the opportunity and depending on the brand and what we are doing, why not? Life is short!

Favorite style to wear?

Right now I am obsessed with low rise baggy jeans! I got rid of my skinny jeans I hate them, before I used to wear jeans once a year, now I wear baggy jeans at least once a week.

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What’s the one thing you always have on?

I change my style quite a lot so one day I’ll be super tom boy another day I’ll be super girly and another boss lady! So I’ll say lip gloss, I love a good lip gloss.

What are your favorite jeans?

Baggy Jeans!

You have been made aware of an important event happening in an hour and you’re not home, which store are you trusting to find an outfit?

If I’m in a pinch I’d go to Angel Smiles or Yvonne street style. I know I’d definitely get a look!

Would you start your own fashion blog? 

I am not so sure about starting my own fashion line but I am open to collaborate with a Kenyan brand to come up with a collection that is more of my style for sure.

Two things you wouldn’t wear together?

Overly ripped jeans with stockings underneath

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What would you wear to meet royalty or the President of your country?

I would definitely go for the aesthetic of Grace Kelly, Dorothy Dandridge which would be a very corseted A line dress that is T length with a pair of cute pumps and a fascinator!

What wouldn’t you wear to a wedding?

I would never wear white unless the bride wants that or something that plunges in the front or something short since you never know the family’s tradition and I’d like to respect that.

If you had $5000 to spend on one item what would it be?

A classic Chanel bag. I would research on what kind of bag and the reason is not to wear the bag but there certain brands if you wear the right bag it would turn it into an investment then sell it for double the price in three years! *laughs*

Worst fashion trend and favorite fashion trend?

It has to be the Bottega heels with a square front and a fish net, those shoes piss me off! But I don’t judge people who wear them, they look good on them but the shoes just piss me off.

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What do you think about fashion critics online?  

Fashion critics who go to the direction of being extra ordinarily mean are wrong its just a dress she’ll take it off in 12 hours. People take fashion too seriously.

Can you be fashionable without spending money?

Yes, I don’t mind thrifted clothes, you just have to know your style and build a nice outfit.

Do you find it hard to keep up with new trends in fashion?

No, I don’t keep up with trends, I have my style and can change any day with how i feel.

What is the difference between “fashionable” and “stylish”?

I don’t know, but there is a difference between fashionable and trendy. Trendy is somebody who just goes with the trend and there some trends that are not meant for everybody. Somebody who is fashionable understands their body type and how to dress it, what their personal style is and how to work with it.

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When do you think is the best era/decade of fashion?

It has to be the 1930’s, 1950s, 1960s, mid 70’s, some sections of the 90’s and now. The 2000s were the worst!

Would you date someone who has a terrible sense of fashion?

Yes definitely, its just clothes, we can train them and even if it doesn’t work its fine but I draw the line on bad hygiene!

Which season of the year is the easiest to be fashionable?

Dressing up for the cold season is a lot easier, cause its just layers, you can play with it. Summer is a bit more complicated, there’s only so much you can wear and you cant pair so much cause its hot so i would definitely go for Winter.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Currently is buying wigs, love a good new wig, makes me so happy I’m about to order two!


What do you think of BBL fashion? 

I just think they are meant for BBL bodies, that all i got to say

Do you believe in the saying ‘you are addressed by how you dress’

Kind of, but I don’t believe is measuring someone’s worth by how they are dressed.

Can you tell the personality of a person by how they dress?

No, I think it gives you an idea of who are they are but you have to get to know them.

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